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Resignation of Lieutenant Menzies


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"Historical Records of  New South Wales, Vol. V, King 1803, 1804, 1805. Edited by F. M. Bladen, Lansdowne Slattery & Company, Mona Vale, N.S.W., 1979. 570 - 571.

Lieutenant Menzies to Governor King, 15th March 1805.

Sydney, New South Wales, 15th March 1805.


When I volunteered my services and accepted the command of the settlement at Newcastle, it was at a time when no officer could be detached from head quarters, shortly after the late insurrection took place, and when the exigency of the service required an establishment immediately to be formed for the reception of the most troublesome United Irishmen, in order to separate them from their villanous advisers and connexions; but the colony having long since been restored to a state of perfect tranquillity and good order, and fearful that my remaining in this country any longer would interfere with my rank in the Army, I have to request that your Excellency will be pleased to permit me to resign the command of that district and return to England to my duty in the Royal Marines; and I hope my conduct during the whole of the time I have had the honor to be under your command has been actuated with a zeal for the interests and prosperity of this colony, and happy shall I feel myself if my exertions have in the smallest degree contributed to preserve that subordination so essentially necessary for the welfare of every well regulated Government - more particularly this.

Permit me to return my sincere and heartfelt acknowledgements for the uniform protection and support which I have always received from your Excellency's in the execution of my duty, and which will ever be remembered by me with the most lively sense of esteem and gratitude for your Excellency's exalted character.

I have etc.,

C.A.F.N. Menzies, Lieut. Royal Marines.



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