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Death of Charles Throsby


Charles Throsby arrived as surgeon on the Coromandel. He was appointed to the penal settlement at Newcastle as surgeon and magistrate in August 1805. He died in 1828

Sydney Gazette 4 April 1828......

The Honorable Charles Throsby

This Gentleman was an old Colonist. In the early stages of the Colony he was on the Civil Establishment as an Assistant Surgeon, and had the honour of being appointed to the Magistracy by His late Excellency Governor King.

Mr. Throsby was a very large grazier, and had amassed no inconsiderable wealth by his extraordinary and patriotic attention to the rearing of stock of a very superior quality.

Several years ago he had the misfortune to become a surety to the amount of 5000, more or less, for his friend, the late Garnham Blaxcell Esq., of well known celebrity in these Colonies, but who had to flee the Country, from the effects of mercantile embarrassment, in April 1817. Proceedings at law were instituted against Mr. Throsby, and only a few months ago the affair was decided to his disadvantage, from which he intended to have appealed to the King in Council. This circumstance is supposed to have operated so powerfully on his mind, as to have occasional mental aberration, in one of which fits, on the morning of Wednesday last, the lamented Gentleman terminated his existence by misuse of a gun, at his country residence.

Advices of the deplorable event reached town on the afternoon of Wednesday and as the people had scarcely recovered from the effects of another catastrophe that had occurred in the morning the melancholy intelligence arrived to produce general petrifaction.

Several Gentlemen have been summoned to effect the last token of respect and friendship by following the remains of the late Mr. Throsby to the silent tomb which ceremony is to take place in the course of this day at Liverpool.    

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