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Convict Ships - Index - J - K

Ships departed from Ports in England and Ireland unless otherwise stated
(P) - Ships bringing Political Prisoners
(F) Ships in Red also carried female convicts
(I) Ships in Green departed from Ireland

Vessel Master Surgeon Guard Notes
James Laing 1834 William Tomlins Richard Allen 50th regt., NSW (I) (P)
James Pattison 1830 Joseph Grote James Gilchrist   NSW (I)
James Pattison 1837 James Cromarty Thomas Robertson 28th; 4th; 50th; 80th regt., NSW
Jane 1831 James Baigrie Oliver Sproule 4th regt., NSW (I)
Janus 1820 Thomas Mowatt James Creagh   NSW (I) (F)
Java 1833 John Todd Robert Dickson 4th; 17th; 21st regt., NSW (I) (P)
John 1827 William John Moncrieff James McKerrow 40th regt., NSW
John 1829 Robert Nosworthy John Love 89th regt., NSW
John 1832 Samuel Lowe James Lawrence 31st; 4th regts NSW (P)
John 1837 Adam Dixon Charles Inches 80th regt., NSW
John Barry 1819 Stephenson Ellerby James Bowman 59th regt., NSW
John Barry 1821 Roger Dobson Daniel McNamara 1st regt., NSW (I)
John Barry 1836 John Robson James McTernan 28th regt., NSW
John Barry 1839 John Robson Campbell France 50th' 51st regt., NSW
John Bull 1821 William Corlette William Elyard   NSW (I) (F)
John Calvin 1846 R.L. Hunter Henry Kelsall   Norfolk Is.
John Renwick 1838  John Byron Andrew Smith   NSW (F)
Juliana 1820  David Ogilvie William Graham 48th regt., VDL
Kains 1831 William Luchington Goodwin Thrasycles Clarke   NSW (F)
Katherine Stewart Forbes 1830 Thomas Canney Patrick McTernan 17th regt., NSW
King William 1840 George Thomas Campbell France   NSW (I)
Kitty 1792 George Ramsay J.P. Niebuhr   NSW (F)


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