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Select from the Links below to find information about Convict Ships arriving in New South Wales, Norfolk Island and Van Diemen's Land between the years 1788 and 1850.

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Ships departed from Ports in England and Ireland unless otherwise stated
(P) - Ships bringing Political Prisoners
(F) - Ships with Female prisoners
(I) - Ships with prisoners from Ireland

Vessel Master Surgeon Guard Notes
Salamander 1791 John Nichol   NSW Corps NSW
Sarah 1829 Henry Columbine Alick Osborne 63rd regt., NSW
Sarah & Elizabeth 1837 John Davidson John Rankine   NSW (F)
Scarborough 1788 John Marshall Dennis Considen Marines NSW
Scarborough 1790 John Marshall Augustus Jacob Beyer NSW Corps NSW
Seaflower 1820 (Bengal) Captain Spiers     NSW
Sesostris 1826 J.T. Drake John Dulhunty 57th regt., NSW
Shipley 1817 Lewis Williams Moncreif George Clayton 46th regt., NSW
Shipley 1818 Lewis Williams Moncreif Robert Espie   NSW
Shipley 1820 Lewis Williams Moncreif Henry Ryan 53rd;69th;48th regts., NSW
Shipley 1822 Lewis Williams Moncreif George Shaw Rutherford 3rd regt., (Buffs) NSW
Sir Charles Forbes 1837 James Leslie William Clifford   NSW (F)
Sir Godfrey Webster 1826 John Rennoldson William Evans 57th regt., NSW (I) (P)
Sir William Bensley 1817 Lewis E. Williams William Evans 46th regt., NSW
Somersetshire 1814 Alexander Scott   16th regt., NSW
Sophia 1829 (Ireland) Thomas Elley Alick Osborne 39th; 63rd regts., NSW (I)
Southworth 1822 David Sampson Joseph Cook 3rd regt., (Buffs) NSW (I)
Southworth 1832 (I) John Coombs James Forrester   NSW (F) (I)
Sovereign 1795 George Storey     NSW (P)
Sovereign 1829 William McKellar George Fairfowl   NSW (F)
Speedy 1800 George Quested     NSW
Speke 1808 John Hingston John MacMillan   NSW (F)
Speke 1821 Peter McPherson Edward Coates 30th; 34th; 89th regts NSW (P)
Speke 1826 Robert Harrison Alick Osborne 39th regt., NSW
St. Michael 1820 (Calcutta) Henry Marsh     VDL & NSW
St. Vincent 1837 James Muddle Andrew Henderson 28th; 80th regts., NSW (I)
Strathfieldsaye 1836 Philip Jones Thomas Braidwood Wilson 28th regt., NSW
Sugar Cane 1793 Thomas musgrave David Wake Bell NSW Corps NSW (P)
Surprize 1790 Nicholas Anstis William Waters NSW Corps NSW
Surprize 1794 Patrick Campbell James Thomson   NSW (F) (P)
Surry 1814 James Paterson   46th regt., NSW
Surry 1816 Thomas Raine John Fletcher Bayley 46th regt., NSW (I)
Surry 1819 Thomas Raine Matthew Anderson 84th regt., NSW & VDL
Surry 1823 Thomas Raine Charles Linton 3rd regt., (Buffs) NSW
Surry 1831 Charles Kemp Colin Arrot Browning 4th regt., NSW
Surry (II) 1833 (I) William Veal Edward Ford Bromley   NSW (F) (I)
Surry 1834 Charles Kemp John Smith   NSW (P)
Surry 1836 George Sinclair Thomas Robertson 50th regt., NSW (I)
Surry 1840 George Sinclair Edward Leah   NSW (F)
Susan 1834 Stephen Addison John Issett & Archibald Ross 50th regt., NSW
Susan 1836 Henry Neatby Thomas Galloway 28th regt., NSW
Swallow 1836 (Madras) Captain Adams     NSW
Sydney Cove 1807 William Edwards Mr. Cleghorn   NSW (F)
Symmetry 1838 (Mauritius) John Saville     NSW


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