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Convict Ships - Index - G

Ships departed from Ports in England and Ireland unless otherwise stated
(P) - Ships bringing Political Prisoners
(F) Ships in Red also carried female convicts
(I) Ships in Green departed from Ireland

Vessel Master Surgeon Guard Notes
Gaillardon 1838 (Calcutta) Captain Rapson     NSW
Gaillardon 1839 (Calcutta) Captain Rapson     NSW
Ganges 1797 Thomas Patrickon James Mileham NSW Corps NSW
General Hewitt 1814 Percy Earl Richard Hughes 46th regt., NSW
General Stewart 1818 Robert Grainger Andrew Smith 84th regt., NSW
George Hibbert 1834 George N. Livesay John Tarn   NSW (F)
Georgiana 1829 John Thompson David Barry Conway   VDL
Georgiana 1831 John Thompson John Tarn 11th; 16th regt., NSW
Gilbert Henderson 1840 J. Tweedie Sir John Hammett   VDL (F)
Glatton 1803 James Colnett Jacob B. Mountgarrett   NSW (F)
Globe 1819 Joseph Blyth George Clayton 34th regt., NSW
Glory 1818 Edward Pounder William Stewart 87th regt., NSW
Gorgon 1791 John Parker   NSW Corps NSW
Governor Ready 1829 Captain John Young Thomas Braidwood Wilson 63rd regt., NSW (I)
Grenada 1819 Andrew Donald Emanuel Lazarretto 87th regt., NSW
Grenada 1821 Andrew Donald Peter Cunningham 36th; 34th; 54th regt., NSW
Grenada 1825 Alexander Anderson Peter Cunningham   NSW (F)
Grenada 1827 John Tracy Alexander Nisbet   NSW (F)
Greyhound 1818 (Calcutta) Captain Ritchie Mr. Baird   NSW
Guardian 1790 Edward Riou     Wrecked
Guide 1818 Captain Higgins      
Guildford 1812 Magnus Johnson   73rd regt., NSW
Guildford 1816 Magnus Johnson Alexander Taylor 46th regt., NSW (I) (P)
Guildford 1818 Magnus Johnson Archibald Hume 48th regt., NSW (I) (P)
Guildford 1820 Magnus Johnson Hugh Walker 46th regt., NSW (P)
Guildford 1822 Magnus Johnson James Mitchell 3rd regt., NSW
Guildford 1824 Magnus Johnson James Mitchell 40th regt., NSW
Guildford 1827 Magnus Johnson Charles Linton 39th regt., NSW
Guildford 1829 John Harrison John Stephenson 89th regt., NSW (I) (P)


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