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Convict Ships - Index - R

Ships departed from Ports in England and Ireland unless otherwise stated
(P) - Ships bringing Political Prisoners
(F) Ships in Red also carried female convicts 
(I) Ships in Green departed from Ireland

Vessel Master Surgeon Guard Notes
Randolph 1849 William Dale Harry Goldney & Walter Lawrance   NSW; 11th regt., Exiles
Recovery 1819 William Fotherley Peter Cunningham 46th regt., NSW
Recovery 1823 William Fotherley Peter Cunningham 1st Royal Regt., NSW (I)
Recovery 1836 Thomas Johnson Alexander Neill 28th regt., NSW
Regalia 1826 Robert Burt James Rutherford 39th regt., NSW (I)
Regia 1838 (Mauritius) T.M. Johnson B. Wylie   NSW
Reliance 1829 (Calcutta) C.D. Hayes     NSW
Research 1832 (Mauritius) Captain Ogilvie     NSW
Rolla 1803 Robert Cumming John Buist   NSW (I) (F)
Roslin Castle 1830 Henry Ferguson William Conborough Watt   NSW (F)
Roslin Castle 1833 William Richards George Imlay 21st regt., NSW (I) (P)
Roslin Castle 1834 William Richards Robert Espie 50th regt., NSW
Roslin Castle 1836 William Richards John Edwards   NSW (I) (F)
Royal Admiral 1792 Essex Henry Bond Richard Alley   NSW (F)
Royal Admiral 1800 William Wilson Samuel Turner   NSW (P)
Royal Admiral 1830 David Fotheringham George Shaw Rutherford 17th regt., NSW
Royal Admiral 1833 David Fotheringham Andrew Henderson 21st regt., NSW
Royal Admiral 1835 David Fotheringham James Osborne 50th regt., NSW (I)
Royal Charlotte 1825 Joseph Corbyn George Fairfowl 57th regt., NSW
Royal George 1828 Robert Embledon William Gregor 63rd regt., NSW
Royal Sovereign 1834 John Henderson Peter Leonard 2nd; 4th; 49th; 63rd NSW (I)
Royal Sovereign 1835 John Moncrief Francis Logan 17th; 28th regt., NSW
Ruby 1811 (Bengal) Thomas Cripps     NSW


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