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Convict Ships - Index - W - Y

Ships departed from Ports in England and Ireland unless otherwise stated
(P) - Ships bringing Political Prisoners
(F) Ships in Red also carried female convicts
(I) Ships in Green departed from Ireland

Vessel Master Surgeon Guard Notes
Wanstead 1814 Henry Moore     NSW (F)
Warrior 1835 (Calcutta) John Stone David Hartley   NSW
Waterloo 1829 Stephen Addison Michael Goodsir 63rd regt., NSW
Waterloo 1831 Stephen Addison William Henry Trotman 82nd; 29th regt., NSW (I)
Waterloo 1833 John Cow John Stephenson 4th regt., NSW
Waterloo 1836 John Cow George Roberts 28th; 50th regt.,s NSW (I)
Waterloo 1838 John Cow James Ellis 51st regt., NSW
Waverley 1839 James Morgan James Barr 51st regt., NSW (I)
Westmoreland 1835 John Brigstock Charles Inches 28th regt., NSW
Westmoreland 1838 John Brigstock George McClure 51st; 80th regt., NSW (I)
Whitby 1839 Thomas Wellbank John Kidd   NSW (I) (F)
William 1794 William Foger     NSW (F)
William and Anne 1791 Eber Bunker   NSW Corps NSW
William Jardine 1838 John Crobie Richard Lewis 28th; 51st regt., NSW (I)
William Pitt 1806 John Boyce Joseph Blyer   NSW (F)
William Young 1829 (East Indies) Captain Northwood     NSW
Woodbridge 1840 Willliam Dobson George Todd Moxey 28th; 50th; 96th regt., NSW
Woodman 1823 Henry Ford George Fairfowl   NSW (I) (F)
York 1831 Daniel Leary Campbell France 17th regt., NSW


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