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Donald McIntyre was a brother of Mary, Peter and John McInytre.

He departed from Leith 25 September 1826 on the City of Edinburgh and arrived in Australia in February 1827. (1) He was granted 2000 acres by Governor Darling on 20 April 1827 which he named Kayuga

This additional grant of 1440 acres on the map above on Dart Brook was promised in 1838.

He was nominated to represent the counties of Brisbane, Hunter and Bligh as a member for the New Legislative Council in 1843 and served between the years 1848 to 51.............

Sydney, March 6, 1843

To Donald McIntyre, Esq., of Kayuga, Sir - We, the undersigned Landed Proprietors and Householders in the county of Brisbane, request you will allow yourself to be put in nomination for the Counties of Brisbane, Hunter, and Bligh, in the new Legislative Council. We believe you are every way qualified to represent these counties, from your local experience, from general information on country matters, and from that independence, both in fortune and character, which will ensure respect in any assembly Should you consent to our wishes, we pledge ourselves to support you. We have the honor to be, sir, Your most obedient servant.

J.A. Robertson, J.P., Peter Brodie, Robert H. Milner, Patrick Tyghe, Alex. Wightman, W. Shields, Edward Warland, D. Thomson, J.P, E. White, Donald McPhee, Duncan McIntyre.

Murrurundi, 16th February, 1843

To the Independent Electors of the Counties of Brisbane, Hunter, and Bligh. Gentlemen, I had the honor to receive your requisition to become a candidate to represent your Counties in the Colonial Assembly. For this mark of your esteem and confidence I return you thanks. In offering myself a candidate, I wish it to be understood to be on Whig or Liberal. I will support civil and religious freedom, and general education, the principle of the present Church Act, free trade (particularly where there is reciprocity). I will oppose the granting of public money to introduce Coolies ; I am also unfriendly to corn laws, and all duties, except for revenue purposes. I am opposed to improvements that would impoverish the people by taxes, or using the proceeds of the crown lands to employ all the labour of the country (leaving neither shepherds or stockmen) to make roads where there would be little to carry. I am for the gradual improvement of the country, and not opposed to public silos for storing colonial grain at a moderate price. I shall, in the event of being elected, pay particular attention to appointing qualified persons to inspect all pro-visions cured for exportation, so as to raise and maintain their character abroad. When any question may arise regarding the outside of the boundaries, I shall deal with it impartially, having considerable interest both beyond and within the limits of the colony. Donald McIntyre, Kayuga


(1) Colonial Times and Tasmanian Advertiser 23 February 1827


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