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Lieutenant Thomas Thompson

Commandant at Newcastle 1814 - 1816


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The Sydney Gazette

 9 February 1814


His Excellency the Governor and Commander of the Forces has been pleased to appoint Lieutenant Thomas Thompson of the 46th Regiment to be Commandant of the Settlement of Newcastle; and also a Magistrate in that Settlement, during his Continuance in command of it

The Salary of Lieutenant Thompson, as Commandant of Newcastle, will commence from the date of his receiving the Charge thereof from Lieutenant Skottowe, the present Commandant.

The Detachment of the 46th Regiment, commanded by Lieutenant Thompson under Orders for Newcastle will embark on board the Colonial Brig Endeavour, on Monday next at 3 o’clock.

With a View to prevent the married Soldiers of the 46th Regiment from putting themselves to unnecessary Expenses in purchasing Houses for their families to live in, the Commander of the Forces requests Lieutenant Colonel Molle will be so good as to apprise them, that after the Embarkation of the 73rd Regiment takes place, no soldier, married or unmarried, will be permitted to live out of Barracks, as there will then be sufficient Accommodation for the whole of the 46th Regiment in the Barracks.

By Command of His Excellency. The Governor and Commander of the Forces,

H.C. Antill, Major of Brigade.  



Notes & Links:

1). Commandants at Newcastle included - Ensign Cadwallader Draffen Charles Throsby Lieutenant William Lawson Charles Throsby Ensign Villiers Lieutenant John Purcell Lieutenant Skottowe Lieutenant Thomas Thompson Captain James Wallis and Major Morisset




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