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Translation of the Awabakal Language

Rev. Threlkeld - Newcastle 1830

The Sydney Gazette reported on Rev. Threlkeld's first translation of scriptures into the Aboriginal language in 1830 -

The Aborigines

'We lately recapitulated what had been done with regard to the vernacular languages of this hemisphere; and we have now the pleasure of adding, that the Rev. Mr. Threlkeld, of Lake Macquarie, has just completed the first rough translation of a portion of the sacred Scriptures (the Gospel of St. Luke) into the language of the aborigines of our own colony.

He has transmitted it to the Archdeacon, and on receiving it back, with any suggestions which the Venerable gentleman may offer, he will proceed to give it a thorough re examination and revision.

We congratulate Mr. Threlkeld, and that old and warm hearted friend to the blacks, Philanthropus, on this important step towards the accomplishment of their benevolent wishes. We embrace this opportunity of mentioning and we mention it with sincere satisfaction - that the Archdeacon continues to take the warmest interest in the cause of the Natives; and although he has not hitherto been able to make any public movement, he has prosecuted with activity a course of observation and enquiry, which will, we hope, lead to some useful practical result. it is painful to reflect that after occupying their country upwards of forty years, so little has been done and so little attempted in their behalf.' - The Sydney Gazette 7 October 1830

Notes and Links

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