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Convict Ship Surgeons

George Fairfowl Ocean in 1818; Dromedary in 1820, Woodman in 1823, Royal Charlotte in 1825, Asia 1827 (VDL) Sovereign in 1829, Andromeda in 1830, Clyde in 1832 and the Hive in 1834.

Archibald Ferguson Jupiter to VDL in 1833

John Ferrier Earl Grey to VDL in 1850

W.S. Fielding Perseus to NSW in 1802

Peter Fisher Majestic to VDL in 1838; Runnymede to VDL in 1839

George Ellery Forman Lady McNaughten to NSW in 1835; Platina to VDL in 1837; Pyramus to VDL in 1839; Eden to NSW in 1840

James Forrester Brothers to NSW in 1827; Southworth to NSW in 1832; Amphitrite in 1833 (wrecked)

George Irwin Fox R.N., Kinnear to VDL in 1842;

Campbell France Asia to VDL in 128; Lady Harewood to VDL in 1829; York to NSW in 1831; Mary Ann to NSW in 1835; John Barry to NSW in 1839; King William to NSW in 1840; Isabella to VDL in 1842

Charles Henry Fuller Agincourt to Norfolk Island in 1844

Fyfe Lady Shore to NSW in 1797