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Convict Ship Surgeons

Alexander Jack Caledonia to VDL in 1820
Jameson Pitt to NSW in 1792
Thomas Jamison First Fleet HMS Sirius 1788;
Edward Jeffery Recovery to VDL in 1837; Marquis of Hastings to VDL in 1839; David Clarke to VDL in 1841
Thomas W. Jewell Elizabeth and Henry to Van Diemen's Land in 1845
Ebenezer Johnston William Miles to VDL in 1828; Marquis of Hastings to VDL in 1830; Captain Cook to NSW in 1832
James Wingate Johnston Asia to VDL in 1840; Pestonjee Bombanjee to VDL in 1845
John Johnston Earl St. Vincent 1818
William H. Bulkeley Jones Elphinstone to VDL in 1842, Marion to VDL in 1844, Bangalore to Moreton Bay in 1850, Aurora to VDL in 1851