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Convict Ship Surgeons

Alexander Neill Recovery to NSW in 1836 ; Heber to NSW in  1837 ;  Parkfield to NSW in 1839; Eden to VDL in 1842
Alexander Nisbet Minerva 1824,   Grenada 1827  Hooghley 1828  Asia 1830  Earl Grey 1838 and Mangles 1840.
J.P. Niebuhr Kitty 1792
Alexander Noble Minstrel 1812
Edward Nolloth Maria to VDL in 1849; Hempsyke to Gibraltar in 1851;  Fairlie to VDL in 1852
Isaac Noott Bengal Merchant to NSW in 1838;  Layton to VDL in 1839
Charles Kevern Nutt Lloyds to VDL in 1845