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Convict Ship Surgeons

James Patton Persian to VDL in 1827; Eliza to NSW in 1828
John Pawson Archduke Charles to NSW in 1813
William Petrie Woodford to VDL in 1828; Sir Charles Forbes to VDL in 1830
Obadiah Pineo England to NSW in 1835; Pyramus to NSW in 1836; Lord Lyndoch to NSW in 1838
William Porteus Circassian to VDL in 1833
John Washington Price Minerva to NSW in 1800
Morgan Price Martha to NSW in 1818;  Countess of Harcourt to VDL in 1821; Brampton to NSW in 1823; Almorah to NSW in 1824; Clyde to VDL in 1830; Neva to NSW in 1833; Hector to VDL in 1835
William Price Hadlow to NSW in 1820; Isabella to NSW in 1822
Thomas Prosser Maria to NSW in 1818