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Convict Ship Surgeons

Robert Tainsh Earl St. Vincent to NSW in 1823; Hooghley to NSW in 1825
John Tarn Georgiana to NSW in 1831; George Hibbert to NSW in 1834; Bengal Merchant to NSW in 1836;  Surry to VDL in 1842;  Pestonjee Bomanjee to VDL in 1849
Alexander Taylor Guildford to NSW in 1816;  Prince Regent 1821
David Thomas Midlothian to VDL in 1853
John Thompson Malabar to VDL in 1821
David Thomson Eliza to VDL in 1830;  Earl of Liverpool to NSW in 1831 ; Stakesby to VDL in 1833 ;  New Grove to VDL in 1835
George Thomson England to NSW in 1826 ; Borodino to NSW in 1828.
James Thompson Atlantic to NSW in 1791; Surprize to NSW in 1794
Thomas Thomson Blenheim to VDL in 1849
Charles Throsby Coromandel to NSW in 1802
Philip Toms Maitland to NSW in 1840; Prince Regent to VDL in 1842; Waverley to VDL in 1847
William Henry Trotman Claudine to NSW in 1829; Waterloo to NSW in 1831.
Samuel Turner Royal Admiral to NSW 1800
John Tweedale Coromandel to VDL in 1838