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Convict Ship Surgeons

Samuel Alexander R.N. Almorah to NSW in 1820
James Allan R.N. Canada to NSW in 1817
Richard Allen R.N. Parmelia to NSW in 1832; James Laing to NSW in 1834
Richard Alley Lady Juliana to NSW in 1790; Royal Admiral to NSW in 1792
John Turnpenny Altree Lady Penrhyn to NSW in 1788
Charles Abercrombie Anderson Lord Dalhousie to VDL in 1852
James A. Anderson R.N. Roslin Castle to VDL in 1828
Matthew Anderson R.N. Surry to NSW in 1819; Mangles to NSW in 1820; Mangles to NSW in 1822; Castle Forbes to NSW in 1824
William Anderson R.N. City of Edinburgh to NSW in 1828
John Andrews Marion to VDL in 1848; Eliza to VDL and Norfolk Island in 1850
Thomas Andrews Three Bees to NSW in 1813-14
Lancelot Armstrong R.N. Daphne to NSW in 1819
Robert Armstrong R.N. Tottenham to NSW in 1818; Dick to NSW in 1821; Countess of Harcourt to NSW in 1822
Thomas Arndell Friendship to NSW in 1788
Joseph Arnold R.N. Hindostan to NSW in 1809; Northampton to NSW in 1815
Matthew Austin Marquis Cornwallis 1796