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Hunter River, Glendon, Darlington, Singleton, Patrick Plains

William and Eliza Brooks arrived on the Hugh Crawford in November 1826.

Miss (Mary) Dalziel, John Dalziel were also passengers as well as Mr. John Phillips Webber, brother of James Phillips Webber. (1)

In the 1828 Census William Brooks age 35 and Eliza age 31 together with Elizabeth age 1 who was born in the colony resided at Dalziel, Patrick Plains on 640 acres. Eighty acres had been cleared and 24 acres cultivated. There were 80 horned cattle and 293 sheep. Mary Dalziel who arrived free on the Hugh Crawford resided with William Brooks. (2)

The nearest neighbours to William Brooks in 1828 were Dr. Henry Radford aged 38, wife Frances aged 25, Henry aged 3 and Charles age 2. They resided at Elderslie the former estate of Alexander Shand until May 1829.

The following advertisement is for the estate originally granted to Alexander Shand and acquired by Henry Radford......

To new settlers or others requiring a temporary settlement - To be Let till June 1830, a house of four apartments, with a kitchen outside, five acres of cultivation ground, cleared and fenced, use of stock yard, and liberty of grazing 20 head of cattle. The rent is 35 and entry may be had immediately. Apply personally to Mr. William Brooks at Dalziel, Hunter's River, the adjoining land to that on which the house is situated. (3)

In December 1830, William Brooks was granted permission to depasture his stock on land adjoining his own. Certain conditions applied:
1. That he pay rent for the same at the rate of two shillings and sixpence per annum for every hundred acres
2. That he abandon the said lands at any time on receiving one months notice
3. That the lands be distinctly understood to be still open to the selection of authorised grantees or purchasers.

The land William Brooks was permitted to use was 1000 acres bounded on the South by his own land, on the West by the Clergy and School Estate and on the East by Alexander Shand in the County of Durham, parish Marwood.    

Some of the convicts and workers at Dalziel included:

Robert Cook per Lord Melville 1831 Bernard Molloy per Mary Ann
Hannah Battledore per competitor 1828 Michael O'Brien employed as shepherd 1828
John Boyd per Countess of Harcourt 1828 William Bagnell per Coromandel employed as a fencer
Helen Cobb per Elizabeth 1828 Mary Carroll per Elizabeth
John Davis per Asia 1828 Honora Barry per Surry
Denis Dunneen per Earl St. Vincent Henry Hughes per Countess of Harcourt
Michael Geraghty per Southworth George Lyall per Mary

 Notes & Links:

1). It seems that it is this same William Brooks who was granted land at Lochend, Lake Macquarie
2). Married - On the 28th January 1834 at Parramatta by the Rev. Samuel Marsden, William Brooks Esq., of Dalziel, Hunter's River to Elizabeth second daughter of the late John Evans Esq., of Castle Pill, Pembrokeshire. - Sydney Herald 3 February 1834
(3) On 2nd November 1834 Mrs. W. Brooks gave birth to a son at Dalziel  - Sydney Herald 17 November 1834
(4) Married - By special license on 22nd September 1840, Richard Scougall, Esq., Dalziel, Hunter's River to Catherine second daughter of William Dun, Duninald, Paterson - Sydney Herald 28 September 1840  

(1) Sydney Gazette 22 November 1826
(2) 1828 Census
(3) Sydney Gazette 2 April 1829



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