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Convict Ship Index - C


First Name

Surname / Subject


Convict Ship Index - C

Ships departed from Ports in England and Ireland unless otherwise stated
(P) - Ships bringing Political Prisoners
(F) Female convicts
(I) Departed from Ireland

Ship Master Surgeon
Calcutta 1803 NSW Daniel Woodriff Edward Foord Bromley
Calcutta 1837NSW Joseph Brown Anthony Donoghoe
Calder 1822 (Calcutta) VDL Peter Dillon
Caledonia 1820 VDL Robert Carnes Alexander Jack
Caledonia 1822VDL Robert Carnes Stephen Williamson
Caledonia 1838 (Madras)NSW Captain Symers Mr. Benton
Calista 1828 VDL to NSW Samuel Hawkins
Cambridge 1827 NSW (I) Richard Pearce William Gregor
Camden 1831 NSW William Fulcher David Boyter
Camden 1833NSW George Clayton Joseph Steret
Canada 1801 NSW William Wilkinson John Kelly
Canada 1810NSW (F) John B. Ward
Canada 1815 NSW (I) (P) John Grigg  Robert Browne
Canada 1817NSW (I) (F) John Grigg James Allan
Canada 1819 NSW Alexander Spain Daniel McNamara
Canton 1840 VDL (P) John Mordaunt John Irvine
Captain Cook 1832 NSW (I) William Steward Ebenezer Johnstone
Captain Cook 1833 NSW William Thompson John Morgan
Captain Cook 1836 NSW (I) George W. Brown Arthur Savage
Caroline/ Calista 1828 (East Indies)VDL Samuel Hawkins
Caroline 1831 (Madras) VDL: NSW Captain Tregurtha
Caroline 1833 NSW (I) (F) Alexander Macdonald George Birnie
Castle Forbes 1820 VDL (I) Thomas Levington Reid James Scott
Castle Forbes 1824 NSW (P) John W. Ord Matthew Anderson
Catherine 1814 NSW (F) William Simmonds
Cawdry 1826 (Calcutta) NSW Noyes
Champion 1827 NSW Henry Locke Francis Logan
Chapman 1817 NSW (I) John Drake Alexander Dewar
Charles Kerr 1837 NSW Harford Arnold John Edwards
Charlotte 1788 NSW (F) Thomas Gilbert John White
China 1846 Norfolk Island George Livesay George Shaw Rutherford
City of Edinburgh 1828 NSW (I) (F) James Reddy Clendon William Anderson
City of Edinburgh 1832 NSW (I) (P) Giles Wade Anthony Donoghue
Claudine 1829 NSW William M. Heathorn Willam H. Trotman
Clorinda 1835 (Mauritius) NSW Philip Mitchell
Clyde 1830 VDL Daniel N. Munro Morgan Price
Clyde 1832 NSW Daniel N. Munro George Fairfowl
Clyde 1838 NSW (I) (P) John Matches John Smith
Competitor 1823 VDL William Ascough George Clayton
Competitor 1828 NSW (F) John Stewart  Thomas Hunter
Constant 1843 VDL John Hemery John Stephen Hampton
Coromandel 1802 NSW Alex Stirling Charles Throsby
Coromandel 1804 NSW George Blakey
Coromandel 1820 VDL; NSW James Downie Archibald Hume
Countess of Harcourt 1821 VDL George Bunn Morgan Price
Countess of Harcourt 1822 NSW (I) George Bunn Robert Armstrong
Countess of Harcourt 1824 NSW George Bunn James Dickson
Countess of Harcourt 1827 NSW (I) William Harrison Michael Goodsir
Countess of Harcourt 1828 NSW William Harrison John Drummond



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