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Convict Ships Index - H

Index to Convict Ships arriving in New South Wales, Norfolk Island and Van Diemen's Land between the years 1788 and 1850

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Ships departed from Ports in England and Ireland unless otherwise stated
(P) - Ships bringing Political Prisoners
(F) Female convicts
(I) Departed from Ireland

Vessel Master Surgeon Guard
Hadlow 1818   NSW John Craigie Thomas Christie Roylance
Hadlow 1820   NSW (I) John Craigie William Price 48th regt.,
Harmony 1827   NSW (F) Richard Middleton William McDowell
Hashemy 1849   NSW: Exiles Captain Ross Colin Arrott Browning 99th; 11th regiments
Havering 1849   NSW: Exiles (I) John Fenwick Thomas Bellot
Hebe 1820   NSW Thackeray Wetherall Charles Carter 48th regt.,
Heber 1837   NSW (I) John Campbell Alexander Neill 80th regt.,
Henry 1823   NSW Thomas Thatcher Thomas Davies 3rd regt.,
Henry 1825   NSW (F) James Ferrier William Bell Carlisle
Henry Porcher 1825   NSW (I) John Thomson Charles Carter 57th regt.,
Henry Porcher 1835   NSW John Hart Thomas Galloway 50th regt.,
Henry Tanner 1834   NSW Henry Ferguson John Edwards 50th regt.,
Henry Wellesley 1836   (NSW (F) Benjamin Freeman Robert Wylie
Henry Wellesley 1837 (F) Edward Williams William Leyson
Hercules 1802   NSW (I) (F) Luckyn Betts John Justice William Kunst NSW Corps
Hercules 1825   NSW William Vaughan Michael Goodsir 41st; 48th regiments
Hercules 1830   NSW (I) William Vaughan William Martin 17th regt.,
Hercules 1832   NSW William Vaughan John Edwards 4th regt.,
Hero 1835   (NSW (I) Henry C. Dowson David Boyter 78th;28th;50th regiments
Heroine 1833   NSW Robert McCarthy George Roberts 21st regt.
Hibernia 1819  NSW John Lennon Charles Carter
Hillsborough 1799  NSW William Hingston John Justice William Kunst
Hindostan 1809   NSW John Pascoe Joseph Arnold 73rd regt.,
Hindostan 1821   NSW William Williamson William Evans 30th;48th;69th regiments
Hive 1834   NSW John Luscombe George Fairfowl
Hive 1835   NSW (I) John Nutting Anthony Donoghoe 28th regt.,
Hooghley 1825   NSW (I) Peter John Reeves Robert Tainsh 57th regt.,
Hooghley 1828   NSW Peter John Reeves Alexander Nisbet
Hooghley 1831   NSW (I) (F) Peter John Reeves James Ellis
Hooghley 1834   NSW Captain Bayley James Rutherford 50th regt.,
Hydrabad 1845   Norfolk Island Alexander Robertson James Ormiston McWilliam 58th; 99th regt.,