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Convict Ship Index - J K


First Name

Surname / Subject


Convict Ship Index - J K

Ships departed from Ports in England and Ireland unless otherwise stated
(P) - Ships bringing Political Prisoners
(F) Female convicts
(I) Departed from Ireland

James Laing 1834 NSW (I) (P). Surgeon Richard Allen
James Pattison 1830 NSW (I) - Surgeon James Gilchrist
James Pattison 1837 NSW - Surgeon Thomas Robertson
Jane 1831 NSW (I). Surgeon Oliver Sproule
Janus 1820 NSW (I) (F). Surgeon James Creagh
Java 1833 NSW (I) (P) - Surgeon Robert Dickson
John 1827 NSW - Surgeon James McKerrow
John 1829 NSW - Surgeon John Love
John 1832 NSW (P) - Surgeon James Lawrence
John 1837 NSW - Surgeon Charles Inches
John Barry 1819 NSW - Surgeon James Bowman
John Barry 1821 NSW (I) - Surgeon Daniel McNamara
John Barry 1836 NSW - Surgeon James McTernan
John Barry 1839 NSW - Surgeon Campbell France
John Bull 1821 NSW (I) (F) - Surgeon William Elyard
John Calvin 1846 Norfolk Is. - Surgeon Henry Kelsall
John Renwick 1838 NSW (F) - Surgeon Andrew Smith
Juliana 1820 VDL - Surgeon William Graham

Kains 1831 NSW (F)
Katherine Stewart Forbes 1830 NSW
King William 1840 NSW (I)
Kitty 1792; NSW (F)



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