Claims to Leases of Crown Lands Beyond the Settled District 

New England District 1848


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The under mentioned people applied for leases of runs on Crown land beyond the settled district in the New England region of New South Wales . Validity of the claims, requirements for public use and objections were all investigated before the leases were issued.

In settled areas Crown Land leases were granted for one year only, in intermediate areas eight year leases were issued and in areas not yet settled leases such as those below, were granted for fourteen years.

Claimant Name of Run Estimated Area Estimated Grazing Capability
Australasia, Bank of Dundee 40,000 acres 8,000 sheep
Australasia, Bank of Glen Innes 25,000 acres 8,000 sheep
Australasia, Bank of Mole river 60,000 acres 10,000 sheep
Australasia, Bank of Kentucky 40,000 acres 10,000 sheep
Australasia, Bank of Waterloo 30,000 acres 8,000 sheep
Australian Agricultural Company Nowendoc 14,000 acres 800 cattle, 8,000 sheep
Australian Agricultural Company Giro 14,000 acres 250 cattle, 2,000 sheep
Australian Agricultural Company Upper Barnard 11,500 acres 300 cattle, 3,000 sheep
Ashbee, Edward Frazer's Creek 60,000 acres 4,000 cattle
Anderson, Colin Alexander Newstead 71,680 acres 15,000 sheep
Boyd, Archibald Boyd's Plains 80,000 acres 1500 cattle, 1,000 sheep
Boyd, Archibald Whitmore or Yarrow Ford 50,000 acres 5,000 sheep
Boyd, William Mitchell Boyd's Plains Not stated 2,500 cattle
Bloxsome, Oswald Ranger's Valley 70,000 acres 18,000 sheep
Bowman, George Maidenhead 63,000 acres 2,000 cattle or 5,000 sheep
Borthwick, Thomas  (per W.M. Borthwick) Auburn Vale 76,800 acres 500 cattle, 6,000 sheep
Betts and Panton (per John Panton) Jeogola 28,000 acres 1,500 cattle
Browne, John and Alcorn, Edward Elmsmore 51,200 acres 1200 cattle
Browne and Herring (per H.H. Browne) Barney Downs 90,000 acres 700 cattle, 7,000 sheep
Buchanan, W.F (per C.H. Buchanan) Looanga 35,000 acres 6,000 sheep
Buchanan, C.H. and W.F. Rimbanda 38,400 acres 1,000 cattle
Burrowes, Nathan Hanging Rock 15,360 acres 500 cattle
Blick, John W.P Tyringham (Belmont?) 17,280 acres 800 cattle or 5,000 sheep
Barlow, Alexander Abington 53,760 acres 2,000 cattle


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