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Hunter Valley Settler

Alexander Anderson - Map 6


Alexander Anderson was born in 1797 in Northumberland, England. He first came to Australia as First Officer on the male convict ship Grenada in 1819.

He was Master of the Grenada on the voyage in 1825 bringing female prisoners to New South Wales. On this voyage, the Grenada departed Gravesend on 2nd October 1824 with 81 female prisoners and 15 children and Peter Cunningham was employed as surgeon superintendent.

Cabin passengers included Lieut. William Ogilvie with his wife and four children; Susan White; Henry Boucher Bowerman with wife and daughter; Rev. Frederick Wilkinson and Heneage Finch.

In Dawn in the Valley, W. Allan Wood describes Alexander Anderson as a tall and powerfully built young Scot who was greatly admired by the passengers. He brought the Grenada through a frightening gale in the Bay of Biscay which lasted for three days and with the assistance of surgeon Peter Cunningham brought the convicts and passengers safely into Port Jackson on 23 January 1825.

The Sydney Gazette carried a notice to Captain Anderson inserted by grateful passengers of the Grenada thanking him for his liberal and gentlemanly conduct during the voyage.[1] Captain Anderson then returned to England where he married Harriet Allen/Blackett in January 1826.

He returned to Australia as Master of the Phoenix convict transport which arrived on Christmas Day in 1826.


One thousand acres were promised to Alexander Anderson by Governor Sir Thomas Brisbane on 19th February 1825. This was situated between the Village Reserve and Captain John Pike's estate Pickering (see map below)


Alexander Anderson named his grant Allandale and settled there with his wife Harriet and children........

Alexander John Blackett Anderson 18261864
William James Anderson 18281915
Augustus Frederick Anderson 1830
Thomas Haldane Anderson 1831
Harriet Elizabeth Anderson 18331913
Ellen Noble Anderson 1836
Catherine Sophia Anderson 18411907

Alexander Anderson died in 1882.


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[1] Sydney Gazette 27 January 1827