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The Black Horse Inn

East Maitland

Henry Adams was granted a publican's license for the Black Horse Inn in Newcastle Street, East Maitland in the years 1840 to 1860. [2]

In 1847 Adams was censured by a jury at an inquest in to the death of Edward Pailing who was found dead in the stable of the Inn. Pailing was a blacksmith who had been employed for ten years by Rebecca Norris and her husband. However on the day he died, Pailing was employed drawing water for Adams, as John Hoare the cook at the Black Horse Inn was ill. Pailing had been drinking at the Inn since midday and in Henry Adam's absence Pailing had been served by Henry's eldest daughter Naomi *. Naomi later testified at the inquest that Pailing was intoxicated and had fallen from his stool in the tap room. By the time Henry Adams returned home, Edward Pailing was already laying asleep in the stable. It was decided to leave him sleep as he was noisy and quarrelsome when awoken while drunk. The jury returned a verdict of 'died from the effects of liquor', being left in a stable from six o'clock till seven the next morning unlooked after. They considered Mr. Adams deserved censure as he was the last person to see Pailing in the stable on the evening of his death.(1)

Henry Adams died in 1877.....THE LATE MR. HENRY ADAMS - Another very old Maitlander, Mr. Henry Adams, died at his residence, West Maitland, on Tuesday morning, at the age of seventy-one. He had been forty years in the town; first living in West Maitland, and afterwards, for many years, in East Maitland, where he kept the Black Horse Inn at a time when it was the rendezvous for the teamsters who preceded the Great Northern Railway as carriers. Latterly, and for some time, he has resided in West Maitland, Mr. Adams was highly popular as "mine host," and was very much respected in every other relation of life. His full years were ended by an almost painless death, and his bed was surrounded by members of his family, all of whom are grown up and settled in life. (Maitland Mercury 26 April 1877)


1). *Henry Adams' daughter Naomi married John Single of Liverpool Plains in August 1851


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