Hunter Valley Colonial Medical Practitioners


Charles Drew Street

Petwyn Valley - Invermein


Charles Drew Street arrived in the colony in 1832. (1) He was a brother of Francis Gale Snelling Street who arrived in the colony at a later date.

Dr. Street gave evidence at the inquest on the body of Edward Laverty..... The Monitor 8 June 1833.

Charles Street purchased two portions of land in 1834 - 15 acres at Lane Cove at Burn's Bay and 20 acres at Lane Cove at Tambourine Bay (2)

His marriage to Susannah Foster in 1836 was noted in the Sydney Herald - By special license on Saturday last, at St. James" Church, by the Rev. W. Cowper, Charles D. Street, Esq., of Petwyne Valley, Invermein to Susannah, only daughter of Edward B. Foster Esq., of Sydney (5) According to the New South Wales Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages Index, they had seven children together. - Susanna b. 1843, Elizabeth b. 1843, Charles b. 1844, Carrington born 1846, Snelling b. 1848, Edward b. 1851 and Arthur b. 1854 (8)

The wife of Francis Gale Snelling Street gave birth to a son on 21st July 1839 at Petwynne Valley (7)

The Australasian Chronicle reported on a barn belonging to Dr. Street that had been burned to the ground in 1841.....

Reward of a conditional pardon - Whereas it has been represented to the Government that a barn on the farm of Dr. Street, at Petwynne Valley near Scone, containing several hundred bushels of wheat, nas been burned to the ground and that is reason to suppose that the barn was wilfully set on fire by some person or persons unknown, His Excellency the Governor directs it to be notified that, with a view to the guilty parties being brought to justice a recommendation will be made to her Majesty for the allowance of a conditional pardon to any prisoner of the crown who may give such information as will lead to the conviction of the offenders (9)

Charles Drew Street suffered in the financial depression of the 1840's and was on a very long list of insolvents in 1842. (3)

As well as owning land at Lane Cove and Hargraves he also farmed at Petwyn Valley near Invermein.  In February 1842 the following notice was placed in the Sydney Herald....... All parties who have been in the habit of applying to John Gill for advice are refereed to Dr. Street of Petwynne Valley, Dr. Gill having no time to attend to the practice (6)

Convicts assigned to Dr. Street at Invermein in the 1830's included the following men:

Robert Platt per Edward Richard Gilley per Susan
John Quinlan per Waterloo Robert Dixon per John Barry
John Moroney per Waterloo George Norley per John
George Abbott per Lord Melville James Smith per Waterloo
Patrick Tobin per St. Vincent (General Return of convicts NSW 1837)

Charles Drew Street died at Muswellbrook on 28th April 1887 age 81 years. (4)


Notes & Links:

Petwynne Valley - Dart Brook (Co. Brisbane), A tributary of the Hunter River, rising by two heads in the S. part of the Liverpool Range, known as Kingdon Ponds and Dart Brook. The tributaries are the Petwynne Valley, Middle, and Sharke's Creek. ...Geographical encyclopaedia of New South Wales . See Map 9 to find the general vicinity of Petwynne Valley.

Mrs. Street - The Scotch kirk (brick); Rev. Duncan Ross, pastor. There was a small cemetery on the northern end and later  a residence on the eastern side where Rev. Ross resided . He later married into the Hall family of Dartbrook. He was superseded by Dr. Boyd a professor at a college. Dr. Boyd was superseded by Mrs. Street, widow of Dr. Street, as a young lady seminary. Mrs. Street was the mother of Mrs. Luscombe and sons Charles, Edward and Snelling (Muswellbrook Chronicle 28 February 1930 (Muswellbrook in the Early Days by G.W. Phillips)


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