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Colonial Events 1803
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January...........Exploration of the site of Melbourne by Surveyor-General of NSW Charles Grimes (1772 - 1858) Re-enactment of Charles Grimes Exploration    

February ................Disappearance of George Bass after leaving Port Jackson in the Venus.  

March............Australia's first newspaper the Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser published -

The Hull Packet  (England) 4 October 1803 Botany Bay

- We are in possession of seven of the first Newspapers printed at Botany Bay. - These Papers, although printed in a style that 40 years ago would have seemed elegant in this country, are not noticed as literary productions, but as the first essay of a colony. It is now 18 years since the first establishment was made in New South Wales. It appears clearly from the Botany Bay papers that the state of society at this colony is already greatly advanced. Public sales, articles, lost and found, and even servants wanted, and articles of millinery and jewellery, and all other such matters, are advertised in the same manner as in the most wealthy English settlements  

March 11............Arrival of the convict ship Glatton. Master James Colnett

Convict Richard Binder  arrived on the Glatton. Richard Binder later held the licence for the Australian Inn in Newcastle.
Joseph Onus also arrived as a prisoner on the Glatton

April 10...... St. John's Church, Parramatta established More about St. John's Church at Parramatta Heritage Ride  

April 12......   Entertainment on HMS Buffalo
Sydney, Sunday April 17 -

On Tuesday last, a fete was given on board His Majesty's ship Buffalo by Captain Kent, at which were present his Excellency the governor and Mrs. King; Lieut. Col. and Mrs. Paterson; with several other officers, civil, military and naval and the wives of those who are married. The Ladies were received by Mrs. Kent, who did the honors of the table. At four o'clock the company sat down to a hospitable and plentiful dinner. In the evening the band of the New South Wales Corps was introduced, dancing took place, and at a late hour after supper, the company withdrew, highly gratified and amused with their entertainment.....The Hull Packet 25 October 1803

The Gentleman's Magazine 1856.....


April 28............Departure of the Calcutta from England with 307 male convicts. Captain Woodriff. In February The Duke of Northumberland sent from his estate at Alnwick castle a number of sheep with two rams of a particular breed to embark on the Calcutta. It was hoped they would prove a great advantage to the colony as the sheep were known to invariably produce from 2 to 4 lambs (The Newcastle Courant, 26 Feb., 1803) Read More about the Calcutta and proposed settlement at Port Phillip  

May........  Total white population in May 1803... 7097 men, women and children    

May..........Freemasonry banned    

May 12...........Arrival of convict ship Rolla.

May 15........First officially recognized Roman Catholic mass celebrated by Father Dixon

June........Arrival of Mathew Flinders in Port Jackson after circumnavigating Australia

June........Lieutenant Bowen departed to form a settlement at Van Diemen's Land    

July.......Postal service established between Sydney and Parramatta    

August 17.........Cato and Porpoise wrecked on the Barrier reef  

September...........European settlement in Van Diemen's Land. Lieut. Bowen, 35 convicts and 13 soldier

September 16.........Death of naturalist Nicholas Baudin at Mauritius    

September 24.........The Cumberland (under Captain Matthew Flinders), the Rolla and the Francis on their voyage from Port Jackson to Wreck Reef sheltered overnight at Port Stephens during a south easterly gale.     

(The Cumberland, 28 tons, schooner, was built in Port Jackson during the years 1800 - 1801 under the supervision of Thomas Moore. When he was in command of this vessel, Matthew Flinders was arrested and imprisoned at the Isle of France (Mauritius) HRA., Series 1, vol. II, Note 47, p.712)     

September 26.........Convict Joseph Samuels reprieved by Gov. King after three attempts at executing him failed.

September.......Colonial vessel Nancy launched at Green Hills

October 7...... Matthew Flinders on the Cumberland, reached Wreck Reef. Friday. Flinders writes of the Cumberland:- "This is a good property, but of all the filthy little things I ever saw, this schooner, for bugs, lice, fleas, weavels, mosquitos, cockroaches (large and small), and mice, rises superior to them all. We have almost got the better of the fleas, lice and mosquitos, but in spite of boiling water and daily destruction amongst them, the bugs, still keep their ground. I have never stripped myself before the last two nights, but usually slept upon the lee locker with my clothes, on, notwithstanding which I have at least a hundred lumps upon my body and arms; and before this vile bug like smell will leave me, must I believe, as well as my clothes, undergo a good boiling in the large kettle. I shall set my old friend Tim to work upon the mice" (HR NSW Volume 5, p241)    

October 9...... Arrival of the Calcutta and Ocean at Port Phillip. Attempt at settlement at Port Phillip Bay abandoned James Hingston Tuckey was first Lieutenant on the Calcutta. Read about his life HERE    

November.........Death of Surgeon William Balmain

December 26...........Arrival of the ship Calcutta at Port Jackson. On board the Calcutta was convict John Fawkner, his wife and two children Elizabeth and John Pascoe Fawkner

December 27...........Escape of William Buckley (1780 - 1838) from the Port Phillip expedition.

Buckley remained with a tribe of aborigines for 32 years. ("Buckley's chance")

......William Buckley was born at Macclesfield in Cheshire. He served for a short period in the Cheshire militia, but was removed, on account of his splendid figure, to the 4th or King's Own regiment. He was convicted of participation in a conspiracy at Gibraltar, and sentenced to transportation. He was transported on the Calcutta in 1803 to Port Phillip, Victoria with the expedition under Lieut-Gov. Collins, which was sent to form a settlement in that locality in 1803. After the arrival of the expedition at Port Phillip, Buckley was employed as a servant to the lieut-governor. In the month of November 1803, he with two others deserted from the camp; and after Collins removed from Port Phillip, Buckley lived with the natives for nearly thirty two years. He was discovered on the 12th July 1835 by some men who were left at Indented head, Port Phillip by John Batman after the conclusion of his treaty with the natives - Historical Records of Australia    

December.........Matthew Flinders detained at Mauritius

........ Drought conditions throughout colony