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Colonial Events 1811

FEBRUARY 11 - Robert Whitmore who became an Early settler at Patterson's Plains was first sent to Newcastle in 1811.....  Court of Criminal Jurisdiction -  Robert Whitmore late Master of the Chance, Hawkesbury vessel, indicted for having feloniously opened five out of six casks of salted pork, and stealing parts of the contents, the property of Henry Kable and put on board as freight at Sydney to be delivered to Windsor. Sentenced to seven years transportation. - Sydney Gazette 16 February 1811.

FEBRUARY 17 - Arrival of the convict ship Eagle.

MARCH - William Evans appointed colonial assistant surgeon (Newcastle) in place of Richard Horner

MARCH - General Statement of the Inhabitants in His Majesty's Settlement on the Eastern coast of New South Wales, with an Estimate on the Remains of Provisions in the Public Stores
5th March 1811
NewcaNewcastle Civil Department victualled -
Assistant Surgeon - 1.
Superintendent and Storekeeper - 1.
Women of the Civil Department - 2.
Children above 2 years - 3
Military Department Victualled - Lieutenant - 1. Serjeants and Corporals - 4. Privates - 25.
Women - 7.
Children above 2 years - 4.
Children under 2 years - 3
Persons victualled from the Public Stores - Male 58; Females 11; Children above 2 years - 2; Children under 2 years - 2
Total number of souls in the Colony - 124 ........Historical Records of Australia, Series 1, volume VII, Governors' Despatches to and From England, January 1809 - June 1813, The Library committee of the Commonwealth Parliament, 1916. p. 421 - 422

APRIL - Road from Sydney to Parramatta opened to traffic

APRIL - Vessel 'Perseverance' aground at Newcastle

APRIL - Edward Edwards, gentlemanís servant repeatedly robbed his master - ordered to be publicly whipped behind a cart and then twelve months hard labour. James Hardy Vaux as an accessory sentenced to twelve months hard labour...... Sydney Gazette 27 April 1811.

MAY - Lieutenant James Henry Crummer of 28th regiment injured at the battle of Albuera

MAY - Stone arch bridge over Tank Stream connecting east and western Sydney completed

JUNE 5 - Completion of the Trial of Lieut-Col Johnston of the 102nd regiment on a charge of Mutiny and Usurpation to which he pleaded Not Guilty.

JULY - Lieutenant Skottowe, 73rd regt., appointed Commandant at Newcastle

JULY - George Johnstone cashiered and permitted to return to New South Wales.

JULY 2 - Convict ship Providence arrived with male and female prisoners.

.JULY 14 - Colonial vessel 'Eliza' owned by Underwood wrecked near Port Stephens

AUGUST 28 - Ralph Malkins attempted to sell his wife in the streets of Sydney......
'A person (for a man I cannot call him) of the name of Ralph Malkins, led his lawful wife into our streets on the 28th ultimo with a rope round her neck, and publicly exposed her for sale; and, shameful to be told, another fellow equally contemptible, called Thomas Quire, actually purchased and paid for her on the spot, sixteen pounds in money and some yards of cloth. I am sorry to add, that the woman herself was so devoid of those feelings which are justly deemed the most valuable in her sex, agreed to the base traffic, and went off with the purchaser, significantly hinting that she had no doubt her new possessor would make her a better husband than the wretch she then parted from.' - Correspondence, Sydney Gazette

AUGUST - Robert Watson appointed Sydney's first senior pilot (Watson arrived as Quartermaster on HMS Sirius in 1788).

AUGUST  - Pounds established in various districts of NSW

SEPTEMBER 29 - Arrival of the convict ship Admiral Gambier

OCTOBER 8 - The vessel Governor Macquarie launched from Cockle Bay. Sydney

OCTOBER 10 - Arrival of the Convict Ship Friends. Master James Ralph.

OCTOBER 30 - Foundation stone of Sydney Hospital laid by Governor Macquarie

NOVEMBER - Governor Macquarie visited Van Diemen's Land

NOVEMBER - Building of Sydney Hospital commenced.

DECEMBER - Captain J. Murray of the 73rd regiment appointed Commandant of the Settlement at Hobart Town

DECEMBER - Mental asylum established at Castle Hill.