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Colonial Events 1827
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39th Regiment (Dorsetshires) stationed in Maitland between 1827 and 1832      

Gold Ceres medal presented to Gregory Blaxland for the production from his vineyard - Transactions of the Society Instituted at London for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce By Royal Society of Arts (Great Britain)

January...... Signal flags in Newcastle Harbour worn out. Vessels in danger entering the harbour......Read more

January...... Detachments of the Buffs depart for Calcutta on ships Woodford and Speke

January 1...... Captain Francis Allman appointed Police Magistrate at Newcastle

January 1....... Appointment of Duncan Forbes Mackay to position of Superintendent of Prisoners and public works at Newcastle

January 5...... First Regatta on the Derwent River, TasmaniaJanuary 10....... Arrival in Sydney from Newcastle, the vessel Governor Macquarie with a detachment of 3rd regt (Buffs) under Captain Foley

January 21....... Appointment of John Mackaness as Sheriff of NSW

January 23......... Arrival of convict ship Grenada

January 27......   'With a view to the convenience of the inhabitants of the more remote districts, His Excellency the Governor is pleased to direct that the Court of Requests shall be held in future at Campbelltown instead of Liverpool and at Wallis Plains, Hunter River instead of Newcastle. '

February 4....... Arrival of convict ship Brothers . Master Charles Motley

February 14...... Arrival of the convict ship Albion, Captain Ralph Select  

February 15.......   Arrival of the convict ship Midas, Captain Baigarie

Feb/March....... 12 natives killed by assigned servants of Mr. Cory at Paterson

March 3...... Thomas Stanley found guilty of the murder of a native boy 'Tommy' at Port Stephens.

March....... Edward Charles Close retired from the Bench of Magistrates Hunter's River

March...... Resignation of Captain Francis Allman as Police Magistrate at Newcastle

March 9...... Appointment of Samuel Wright to the position of Police Magistrate at Newcastle.

March...... Newcastle wharf completed by Alexander Busby under the direction of his father

March 30......   Australian Museum founded in Sydney  

April...... Refusal by Chief Justice Forbes to certify legislation to impose tax of 4d a copy intended to stifle criticism in newspapers

April 2...... Appointment of James Busby as collector of Internal Revenue and Member of Land board

April 5...... Appointment of John Thomas Campbell as Acting collector of customs N.S.W

April 7...... Arrival of the vessel Elizabeth, Captain Collins. A.A. Company employee Simon Kemp, wife, son Charles Kemp and 3 daughters; and Rev. Charles Pleydel Neale Wilton and family came passengers

April 28...... Regatta held in Sydney Harbour

April 30......

Departure of explorer Allan Cunningham from Segenhoe Station in the Hunter Valley. After leaving Segenhoe the party reached the formidable Liverpool Ranges where they were forced to carry their baggage to the crest as the packhorses were unable to manage the load. (Wood, Allan., Dawn in the Valley, p218)  
Allan Cunnigham

May...... Heavy rain at Newcastle

May 1...... Grand Jury Presentment - Call for Quarter Sessions to be held in Wallis Plains instead of Newcastle.

May 7...... Appointment of John Dalhunty as Principal Superintendent of Police N. S. W.

May...... Lieutenant Nathaniel Lowe charged and later acquitted for the murder of an Aboriginal man in custody.

May...... Allan Cunningham explored north of the Hunter river, crossing the Gwydir, Macintyre and Dumaresq rivers

May 17....... Rev. Frederick Wilkinson nominated to the chaplaincy at Newcastle

May...... Distribution of blankets and clothing to 150 natives at Newcastle in honour of the King's birthday

May 23...... Arrival of the convict ship Mariner from Cork

June 2....... Appointment of William Lithgow to position of Private Secretary to the Governor

June 7....... Captain Patrick Logan set out on an expedition from Moreton Bay  

June 8....... Severe gales and heavy rain at Newcastle

June....... Governor Darling and Archdeacon Scott visit northern settlements (not Newcastle)

June 17....... Captain James Stirling arrived at Raffles Bay with convict labour and supplies to establish settlement in Northern Australia

June 19....... David Roberts appointed constable at Reid's Mistake.June....... Convict barracks at Newcastle in dilapidated state with rain pouring through the roof

June........ Departure of Captain Henry Gillman, wife and family for London on the ship Australia

June....... Discovery of coal at Lake Macquarie

June....... First Specimens of coal discovered at Lake Macquarie sent to Sydney per Lord Liverpool 

June 28.......  Arrival of convict transport Countess of Harcourt

July 7....... Death of surgeon D'arcy Wentworth at Homebush

July 25......  Arrival of the Convict ship Guildford

July 31.......  Arrival of the convict ship Marquis of Hastings, Capt. Drake.  Alexander Macduff Baxter arrived as a passenger on the Marquis of Hastings.  

August 1....... Alexander Macduff Baxter appointed Attorney General of N.S.W.

August 6....... Arrival of the convict ship Princess Charlotte   Captain Stephenson, Surgeon Dr. Cameron.

August 11.......  Arrival of the Convict ship Manlius . Capt. W. Johnstone. Surgeon Dr. Conway

September........ Vessel Charlotte lying wrecked on a beach near Newcastle after foundering at sea on 7th Sept. 

The wreck of the Charlotte sloop, beyond Reid's Mistake, on her passage from Newcastle to Sydney has plunged the family of Mr. E. Lamb, of Underwood's Buildings George St. Sydney in to deep affliction. Mr. L's second son Robert, a fine youth about fifteen years of age, who lived at Hunter River, was subpoenaed as a witness in an action before the Supreme Court and had taken his passage in the Charlotte. The little bark encountered a tremendous gale shortly after leaving port, in which she upset and was drifted on shore. Every soul consisting of four person is supposed to have perished.    

September 8...... Appointment of Henry Grattan Douglass to position of Commissioner of Courts of Requests

September 14....... Ambrose Hallen appointed Assistant surveyor to Government of N.S.W.

September 17....... Arrival of convict ship Cambridge with 198 male prisoners.

September 17....... Arrival of convict ship Harmony with female prisoners

September 27....... Arrival of convict ship Prince Regent with male prisoners.  Passengers included Deputy Surveyor-General Thomas Livingstone Mitchell and family
Sir Thomas Livingstone Mitchell

September 27.......   Work commenced on 'Busby's Bore' 

September....... Robert Wardell is tried for seditious libel for referring to Gov. Darling in the Australian as 'ignorant and obstinate'.

September....... Absconder Michael Reilley shot dead near Newcastle.Read the Coroner's Inquest in the Australian

September....... 39th Regiment leave Newcastle for Sydney. Replaced by detachment of Royal Veterans

September....... Convicts in Newcastle moved from the old barracks

A very great nuisance, which has long existed here, I am happy to inform you has upon the representation of the Grand Jury of the last Sessions, and the complaint of several private individuals to the Authorities at head quarters, been promptly remedied, we mean that of allowing prisoners to the number of 13 or 14, to sleep out of barracks in settlement. The reason was, on account of the very incommodious state of the old barracks, which would not admit of above 60 or 70 to sleep in. According to instructions however, received about a week ago, from Government, a new barrack, one of the . Buildings on the settlement, has been constructed with considerable neatness and despatch, under the direction of Mr. Mackie, Superintendent of works adjoining the lumber yard, where the whole of the prisoners will be comfortably accommodated.  - Sydney Gazette 28 September 1827  

October........ Cutter Amelia seized at Newcastle.

The light little cutter the Amelia, was seized at Newcastle on Monday week, having arrived there from Sydney that day with a full cargo, consisting of spirituous liquors and various other articles. She had neither port clearance, permits, nor any document whatever, except a memorandum from the Master Attendant at Sydney, stating that she was bound to Newcastle for a cargo of coals on account of Government.  

October....... Pilot boat crew-man died while attempting to rescue the cutter Lord Liverpool at Newcastle

October...... Vessel Australian Lad wrecked at Newcastle. Crew perished

October 6...... Captain James Thomas Morisset appointed Magistrate

October 15......   Arrival of the vessel Waterloo, Capt. Thomas Carter. Australian Agricultural Company employees Henry & William Croasdill  and Master John Croasdill came passengers. Steerage 10 men, 6 women, 10 boys and 4 girls.

October 17....... Arrival of the convict ship Champion, Captain Henry Lock. Surgeon. Francis Logan R.N.

October 19....... Lieutenant-colonel Morisset appointed Principal Superintendent of N.S.W. Police.

October....... Detachment of 39th regiment from the guard of the Champion marched through George Street to their quarters in the Military Barrack preceded by the regimental bugles, fifes and drums.

November........ Departure of the 3rd regt., (Buffs) for India. Dinner at Government house for Colonel Stewart and the Officers of the Buss previous to departure.

November 5....... Arrival of the Marquis of Anglesea with 284 French merino sheep and 10 Welsh ponies imported for Australian Agricultural Company. Passengers J Graham, G. Graham, William Hervey, Thomas Ebsworth, George Oliver 14 in steerage including William & Eliz. Street; Joseph Gorton and James Fletcher

November 8....... Arrival of the convict ship Eliza. Master Daniel Leary. Surgeon George Shaw Rutherford

November 23....... Arrival of ship Frederick, Capt. William Leggs. A. A. Company accountant William Barton and clerk J. E. Ebsworth passengers

November 25.......   Arrival of the convict ship John from England.

December 3......    Arrival of the convict ship Louisa

December....... John Donohoe (Bold Jack Donohoe) began robbing carts on the Sydney Windsor road

December 1....... Australian Subscription Library opened in Sydney

December 15.......   Piracy - Brig Phoebe, belonging to Alexander Berry and Edward Wollstonecraft, seized by 15 convicts while at anchor at Crookhaven on south coast of NSW    

December...... News reached Sydney that Captain Dillon of the Research had found evidence of the expedition of La Perouse......LA PEYROUSE. By the schooner Herald, arrived yesterday afternoon, from New Zealand, we have been favoured with the following extract of a letter, received from Captain Dillon, of the H. E. Indian Company's ship Research I take this opportunity of informing you of my safe arrival here, on the 5th instant, from the Solomon Islands, where I have been successful in procuring some of the alter and mess plate belonging to the expedition under the command of Count DE LA PEYROUSE.I have also procured the ship's bell, a brass mortar, five brass guns, several copper kitchen utensils, the greater part of which are marked with the arms of France ; namely, three fleur-de-lis. I have got the rudder irons," the brass shieves of the frigate's topmast, and many" other things too tedious to mention. The Monitor 6 December 1827




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