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Colonial Events 1829
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January.......   Charles Sturtís exploration party reached the Bogan River.

   Charles Sturt

January 16/ 17.......   Arrival of Convict transport Governor Ready  having left Cork with 200 male prisoners. Surgeon T.B. Wilson R.N. and 10 passengers.

January 17......   Arrival of Convict ship Sophia. Surgeon Dr. Alick Osborne.

January 17......   Arrival of the convict ship Vittoria . Master John Smith. Surgeon. J. Dickson.

January 30....... John Blaxland appointed to the Legislative council

January 31....... James Thomas Morisset appointed Commandant at Norfolk Island

February....... Discovery of the Darling River by Captain Charles Sturt

February 9....... The Launceston Advertiser founded by J.P. Fawkner

March 19....... Death of NSW first Treasurer William Balcombe

March 26......   Arrival of Convict ship Ferguson, Captain Groves. Surgeon superintendent C. Cameron R.N.,

April.......   Edward Smith Hall editor, proprietor and printer of the newspaper Monitor (Sydney)  sentenced to 12 months imprisonment for seditious libel of Governor Darling in the Monitor dated 22 November 1828

April 14...... E. Hayes, editor of The Australian, fined and imprisoned for six months for libelling Governor Darling

April 18...... Arrival of convict transport Mellish

April....... Rev. Broughton of Pembroke College appointed Archdeacon of New South Wales

April 26....... Arrival of Convict transport Edward

April 27....... James Raymond appointed Postmaster of the colony.

May 2....... Captain Charles Fremantle of HMS Challenger landed at the site of Fremantle.

May 3....... Arrival of convict ship Lord Melville

May 6....... Arrival of Ward Stephens (later proprietor of Sydney Herald) on the Resource

May 8....... Arrival of the vessel Swiftsure, Captain Johnstone. Passengers Charles Wilson, Randolph Want, Thomas Connolly, Andrew Scales, Felix Lynn, Ousely Condell, John Rant.

May 9....... Arrival of the vessel Pyramus, Captain Elder. Passengers included Captain Ranclaud, Mrs. Ranclaud and 5 children; Mr. Caswell, Mrs Caswell and 2 children; Mr. and Mrs Wynter and 3 children. Mrs. Hoddle and 1 child.

May 9....... Arrival of Convict ship Princess Royal, Captain Sherwood Select HERE to find out more about the voyage of the Princess Royal.

May 11....... Charles Wilson appointed Director of Public works

May 13....... Departure of government vessel Mermaid for Port Raffles
Find out more about shipwrecks in 1829 at Captain Nolbrow & the Wreck of the Mermaid 1829

May 18....... Vessel Governor Ready wrecked in the Torres Strait midway between Murray and Halfway Islands. The crew in ship's boats sailed 2,400 km to Timor in 14 days

May....... Merchant ship Swiftsure,  and  brig Comet  also wrecked in Torres Strait.

May 23.......   Death of explorer/botanist George Caley    - More about George Caley 

June 3.......   Arrival of the vessel Sulphur at Rottnest Island. The Sulphur convoyed the Parmelia with Lieut-Governor James Stirling to Western Australia. Surgeon with the convoy Alexander Collie. Also on the Parmelia was John Septimus Roe:

June 12.......   Schooner Mermaid wrecked off the Queensland coast. South east of present day Innisfail .....Shipwrecks in 1829

June 18....... Proclamation of settlement in Western Australian - Lieutenant Governor Stirling

    Swan River Settlement - James Stirling 1829

June 20....... Arrival from Cork of the convict ship Eliza II  Captain Nicholas. Surgeon James McTernon.

June....... A journey to the Hunter River

July....... First Rugby Union Football game played in Sydney

July 9.......   Arrival from London of the ship Waterloo, Capt. Addison, Surgeon Michael Goodsir. Passengers Colonel and Mrs. Dumaresq, Mrs Goodsir and Lieut. Grove of 63rd Regt.

July 13....... A proclamation, by his Excellency, dated July 13, 1829, and inserted in the Sydney Gazette, thus carries into effect his Majesty's appointment of a legislative council in the territory: To be the first or original Members of the Legislative Council in the Colony of New South Wales. His Exc. Lieut.-Gen. Ralph Darling, governor; Francis Forbes, Esq., chief justice; the Venerable Thomas Hobbes Scott, archdeacon; Alexander M'Leay, Esq., colonial secretary; Alexander Macduff Baxter, Esq., attorney-general; Michael Cullen Cotton, Esq., collector of customs; William Lithgow, Esq., auditor-general of colonial accounts; Patrick Lindesay, Esq., lieutenant-colonel of the 39th regiment of foot; John Macarthur, Esq.; Robert Campbell, Esq.; Richard Jones, Esq.; Alexander Barry, Esq.; John Blaxland, Esq.; Captain Philip Parker King, of the Royal Navy; (his place to be filled, until his return to the colony, by John Thomas Campbell, Esq.); Edward Charles Close, Esq. 

August 1....... William Henry Moore appointed Crown Solicitor

August....... Captain Phillip Aubyn in charge of the Police establishments at Wallis Plains and Patterson's Plains

August 17....... First Circuit Court opened in Maitland NSW - Judge James Dowling

August 3....... Arrival of convict ship Sovereign

August 14.......   Convicts escape from Macquarie Harbour in the brig Cyprus.
The Cyprus Brig - Australian Folk Songs 'The Cyprus Brig' has been attributed to Frank the Poet

August 18....... Arrival of the ship America with 169 prisoners quarantined on arrival after measles had caused death on board Tuesday 18th August 1829 was a squally day in Port Jackson with winds from the NW & W. Temperature 20 - 23

August 27.......   Guard from the ship Norfolk came ashore and marched to their Quarters in the Military Barracks preceded by the drums and fife of the 39th Regt. Thursday 27th August 1829 was a hazy day in Sydney with winds from the N.E . Temperature 20 - 23

September 4....... Charles Thomas Smeathman appointed coroner for the city of Sydney

September 13.......   Convict ship John arrived from London. Capt. Norsworthy & surgeon John Love. Passengers included Archdeacon William Broughton, Mrs. Broughton and two children; and Samuel and Mrs. Hutton, servants to the Archdeacon. Sunday 13th September 1829 was a cloudy day with showers in Sydney. The wind was from the west. Temperature 13C - 21C

September....... Rev. William Grant Broughton to be Archdeacon of New South Wales in the room of Rev. Thomas Hobbes Scott who resigned

September 17....... Grand Ball and supper held at the Mess Room by the officers of the 57th regiment who were shortly to leave for India

October 9....... Emancipists became eligible for jury service

October 14....... Governor Darling proclaimed the Nineteen Counties of New South Wales which re-defined the Limits of Location, beyond which settlement was prohibited

October 26....... Gregory Blaxland appointed Magistrate of the Colony

October....... Rainfall experienced throughout the Hunter Valley breaking four years of drought

October.......   Captain Robert Robinson of N.S.W. Veteran company to be dismissed from his Majesty's Service. Robinson was court-martialled for insubordination to Governor Darling. Select here to read 'The Report by the Select Committee on the Conduct of General Darling' while governor of NSW printed in 1835

October....... Sloop Fly lost outside Sydney Heads - 3 drowned.

October....... Captain Thomas Wright tried for alleged murder of convict Patrick Clinch at Norfolk Island. Acquitted

November....... Strike in Sydney by newspaper compositors

November 4....... Arrival of convict ship Guildford  Master John Harrison. Surgeon John Stephenson Wednesday 4th November was a hazy day in Sydney with winds from the S.E.. Temperature 18C - 21C. Two days later the temperature was 37C at midday

November 6....... Roger Therry appointed Commissioner of the court of Requests for N.S.W.

November 8....... Arrival of convict ship Layton Sunday the 8th November 1829 was a rainy day in Sydney with winds from the W. and NW. Temperature at midday was 23C.

November 29....... Arrival of Lucy Davidson,  Capt. Wiseman Mr. Osborne. Several fatalities on the voyage out from whooping cough. The 'Lucy Davidson' was put into quarantine on arrival.

November....... Marquis of Anglesea wrecked at Swan River. W.A

December....... A Letter From Sydney published by Edward Gibbon Wakefield

Decemberval 3...... Arrival of the convict ship Morley with 200 male prisoners

December 6...... Arrival of the convict ship Claudine, Captain Heathorne Sunday 6th December 1829 was a clear day in Sydney with winds from the S. and S.E.

December 7...... Arrival of the Sarah with 199 prisoners. Capt. Columbine, Surgeon A. Osborne. Monday 7th December 1829 was a clear day in Sydney with winds from the N. and N.E.

December 10....... Felton Matthew appointed Assistant surveyor.

December 12....... Arrival of the convict ship Larkins from Cork with male prisoners. Saturday 12 December 1829 was a clear day in Sydney with north easterly winds. The temperature was 27C at midday

December 23....... Arrival of ship William. Passenger Sir Edward Parry Commissioner of Australian Agricultural Company,




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