Free Settler or Felon?

Convict Ship
 Calista 1828

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Embarked: 8 men
Deaths: 0
Surgeon's Journal: no
Master: Samuel Hawkins (Calista) 

Eight prisoners were transported on the brig Caroline from the East Indies to Hobart Town.

In Hobart they were transferred to the barque Calista which had arrived from London on 12th March, in readiness for transfer to Sydney. The Caroline was to be fitted out for use in the whale fishery.

As well as the eight prisoners, the Calista brought to Sydney 100 Saxon and 950 Derwent sheep and other merchandise.

Passengers included Captain Bunster and Messrs J. Andrews, J. J. Daker, D. Bunn, C. Sladden, F. Watkins, Ferdinand Anley, Mrs. Ridge, two children and servant and also four steerage passengers. They arrived in Sydney on 14 April 1828.

The eight prisoners were:

Christopher Cochrane age 24. Clerk from Madras. Offence: Desertion and forgery.

Peter Dalton age 28. Farm servant and soldier from Yorkshire. Offence murder.

William Hurst age 34. Frame work knitter and soldier from Leicestershire. Offence Murder.

James Jones age 27. Clerk from Manchester. Offence desertion

Daniel Murphy age 26. Farm servant and soldier from Cork. Offence: rape and murder

W. Stewart Moncrieff age 33. Commissioned Officer, 9 years. From Edinburgh. Offence Forgery. Sent to Wellington Valley on arrival.

Andrew Robinson age 33. Soldier from Co. Derry. Offence: desertion

William or John Goodwin - Escaped from Port Jackson in the Speke 3, returned to the hulk.


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