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Friendship 1800

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Embarked: 133
Voyage: 176 days
Deaths: 19
Surgeon's Journal: no
Previous vessel: Minerva arrived 11 January 1800
Next vessel: Speedy arrived 15 April 1800
Captain Hugh Reed
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The Friendship sailed from London for Cork at the end of March 1799. She departed Cork in convoy with the Minerva on 24th August 1799, however the two ships parted company on 14th September.  

The Friendship arrived in Port Jackson on 16 February 1800 almost a month after the arrival of the Minerva. Nineteen prisoners had died on the passage out.
Five vessels arrived in New South Wales with convicts in 1800 -  Porpoise, Minerva, Friendship, Speedy and Royal Admiral.   The Friendship departed Port Jackson bound for Bengal in May 1800.  

The journal below was kept by Captain Hugh Reed's wife and published in the Asiatic Journal and Monthly Register for British India under the title: "Cursory Remarks, on board the ship Friendship, H.R.----, commander; or, the Occurrences of a Voyage from Ireland to New South Wales, the South Sea, the Spice Islands, and Bengal, and thence back to Europe; performed in the years 1799, 1800 and 1801."  

The journal begins in June while the Friendship was still lying at the passage of Waterford.












   The Asiatic journal and monthly register for British India and its dependencies

There were a number of United Irishmen on the Friendship and in September 1800 in New South Wales, an Irish Conspiracy was uncovered. The plan was to overturn the government by putting Governor King to Death and confining Governor Hunter.

The rebels were to meet at and take Parramatta and then before day light take the Barracks at Sydney. Afterwards they planned to live on the Farms of the Settlers until they heard from France where they had intended to dispatch a ship. The rebels were well armed with pikes and were to be joined by soldiers who it was planned would take the guns to South Head and other places of security.   When the plan was revealed Governor Hunter ordered an enquiry.  

One of the rebels was Patrick (Paddy) Galvin.......

......Unfinished Revolution, United Irishmen in NSW by Anne-Maree Whittaker

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NameConvicted   - Location NSW
David Bell (Ball) Ireland - Sydney/ Newcastle
William Briggs Ireland - Hunter Valley
Anthony Curran Castlebar - Sydney/ Port Stephens
Hugh Develyn Belfast - Newcastle
Timothy Hector Ireland - Newcastle
Thomas Logan Cavan - Brisbane Water/ Lake Macquarie
Thomas Osborne Louth - Patterson Plains
















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