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Convict Ship Henry Tanner 1834 


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(Convicts and passengers from this ship only)

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Embarked: 220 men
Voyage: 117 days
Deaths: 2
Surgeon's Journal: yes
Previous vessel: Andromeda arrived 17 September 1834
Next vessel: Blenheim arrived 14 November 1834
Captain - Henry Ferguson
Surgeon Superintendent John Edwards
The Henry Tanner departed England on 1st July 1834.

John Edwards was an experienced surgeon superintendent having previously been employed as surgeon on the Hercules in 1832. He kept a Medical Journal from 4th June to 14 November 1834.

During the voyage, two deaths occurred, the first a case of mania occurred off the Cape of Good Hope after only a fortnight's illness. John Edwards was unable to perform a post mortem because of bad weather. The other death, that of Edmond Smith was caused by phthisis. Smith was ill before he embarked and John Edwards noted that at the time of inspection at Woolwich, he appeared debilitated and wan but as both Smith and the surgeon said there was no illness he could not be rejected.

 After sailing, the surgeon discovered that he had a troublesome cough and had been ill for some time, but concealed his illness as he wished to be taken on the Henry Tanner as his brother was also on the same vessel. The Surgeon cared for Edmond Smith until he finally passed away on 29th August.

The Guard consisted of Captain Patterson of the 6th Regiment, Lieutenant Wingate 2nd Regiment and 30 rank and file, 6 women and 4 children attached to the 50th Regiment.
Detachments of the 50th Regiment arrived on the Surry, Forth, Bengal Merchant Hooghley, Susan, Blenheim, Royal Admiral, Lady Nugent, Parmelia, Hive, James Laing, Captain Cook, Hero, Roslin Castle, Henry Porcher, Henry Tanner and Lady Kennaway.
The Henry Tanner arrived in Port Jackson on 27th October 1834. The Monitor reported in November that eighteen of the prisoners, in pursuance of their sentence in England, were sent to Goat Island to work in irons; the remainder were landed on Friday 14th November and assigned to various settlers. Arrival of the convict ship Henry Tanner in 1834 - Sydney Herald 27 October 1834 - Find out more about the voyage of the Henry Tanner at Free Settler or Felon

The Henry Tanner was advertised in the Sydney Gazette for immediate despatch to Madras and Calcutta late in November 1834, - Henry Tanner, 400 tons burthen, Captain Henry Ferguson, will sail for the above ports in a few days; she is well armed, carries an experienced Surgeon and has excellent accommodation for passengers. The Henry Tanner was still in port in December when Captain Ferguson appeared in court on a summons to answer a charge of refusing to pay one of the seamen and later still when she hauled alongside the Dockyard to ship 35 - 40 colonial bred horses for the East India Company just before Christmas. The Sydney Gazette reported that it was a treat to witness the rare management that was observed in the stalling of the horses, shipped by Capt. Collins. The hold of the vessel appeared quite a stable forming two rows on the starboard and larboard sides, each horse had a separate crib partitioned with boards and so padded at the front, and back that however the ship may lurch, the horses will be in contact with a soft substance; so that in the roughest weather, they can take no injury from concussion, which the rolling of a vessel is sure to produce.

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1). John Edwards was also surgeon on the convict ships Roslin Castle in 1836 and the Charles Kerr in 1837.

Hunter Valley convicts / passengers arriving on the Henry Tanner in 1834


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