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Convict Ship Heroine 1833 


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(Convicts and passengers from this ship only)

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Embarked: 260 men
Voyage: 128 days
Deaths: 4
Surgeon's Journal: Yes
Previous vessel: Captain Cook arrived 25 August 1833
Next vessel: Buffalo arrived 5 October 1833
Captain Robert McCarthy
Surgeon Superintendent George Roberts
It may the convicts of the Waterloo, Captain Cook and Heroine that are referred to in the correspondence from Principal Ports and Station in the United Service Journal on the right:

The Heroine departed Portsmouth on 15th May 1833.   

The prisoners of the Heroine were held in the prison hulks moored in the river before being embarked. Some of those in the Justitia hulk were transferred to the Heroine on the 23 April 1833.

 George Roberts kept a Medical Journal from 6th April to 7 October 1833 - The total number of convicts embarked were two hundred and sixty from Woolwich, Chatham and Sheerness between the 22nd of April and 1st May 1833.

At first their appearance was unfavourable although their health in general was tolerable, and after being on board a short period they were much improved. Four deaths occurred during the voyage to Sydney, two from Phthisis, one from Hydrothorax and a fourth from scorbutus, the latter disease was very prevalent on board towards the end of the voyage. Those advanced in years and others who had been subject to irregularities in life, suffered in a greater degree, in all the cases the vitric of vinegar was exhibited to the fullest extent which appeared to check the disease in some but in others it had no apparent effect. Frequent ablution with warm water and soap relieved the pain of the limbs.
Six cases of small pox appeared on board during the voyage, the first occurred immediately after quitting the channel and the other cases at intervals of ten or twelve days, the whole of the cases ran their course very regular, without any very unfavourable symptoms appearing. Great care was taken immediately the disease appearing to separate the affected person from the rest of the prisoners, and confine him closely to the Hospital. On the patient being free from disease and previous to quitting the Hospital, his person with his wearing apparel and bedding were thoroughly washed, and afterwards freely fumigated with the chloride of lime and hot vinegar, four cases out of the six were ascertained to have been vaccinated.  

The Heroine arrived in Port Jackson on 19th September 1833, a voyage of 128 days.
The vessel was quarantined on arrival because of the small pox, however as there had been no cases for two months past and the clothes of the infected were burnt, the vessel was released. They came into the Cove on Friday 20 September 1833. The prisoners were mustered on Wednesday 25th September and were to be landed early in the following week.  

By October it was reported that 227 of the prisoners were assigned to private service; 7 were in Hospital; 10 were unfit for assignment; and 12 were sent to Carter's Barracks.
The Guard consisted of 29 rank and file of the 21st Fusiliers under orders of Capt. Mackay. Mrs. Mackay and Lieutenant Reynolds of the 2nd or Queen's Royals came passengers. Select here to find convict ships bringing detachments of the 21st regiment.

Notes & Links:  

1). George Roberts was also surgeon superintendent on the Lord Melville in 1830, the Gilmore which departed London 27 November 1831 and arrived in Van Diemen's Land 22 March 1832; the Waterloo to Hobart in 1835 and the Waterloo from Dublin to Port Jackson in 1836.  

2). Bushranger Joseph Pyzer who arrived on the Heroine  

3). Hunter Valley convicts and passengers arriving on the Heroine in 1833

4). Convict ships bringing detachments of the 21st regiment (Royal Scotch Fusiliers).......

Date/ Place of Departure Ship Command of the Guard
4 September 1832 London Mary 1833 Captain Daniels 21st regt.,
8 October 1832 Cork Roslin Castle 1833 Lieuts. Bayley & Pieter L. Campbell. 21st
22 September 1833 Sheerness Camden 1833 Major Thomas Fairweather 21st regt.,
17 November 1832 Portsmouth Andromeda 1833 Lieuts. Lonsdale & Armstrong 21st regt.,
14 December 1832 London Mangles 1833  
21 February 1833 Cork Portland 1833 Captain Frazer, 26th regt.,
21 February 1833 Downs Asia 1833 Lieuts. Kelly and Wilson of 6th regt.,
14 May 1833 Portsmouth Heroine 1833 Captain Mackay
-- June 1833 Sheerness Lord Lyndoch 1833 Lieut-Col. Leahy. Headquarters of 21st
4 June 1833 Dublin Royal Admiral 1833 Lieut. Ainslie 21st regt.,
5 June 1833 Portsmouth Captain Cook 1833 Captain Armstrong 21st regt.,
4 July 1833 Portsmouth Aurora 1833 Major Delisle 4th regt.,
24 July 1833 Cork Java 1833 Lieut. Wrixon, 21st regt.,
29 July 1833 Plymouth Neva 1833 Lieut. McEdwin 1st or Queens Own regt.,
25 August 1833 Downs Lloyds 1833 Lieut. McKnight 21st regt.,
27 October 1833 England Fairlie 1834  
28 March 1838 Bengal Merchant 1838 Lieut. Dear of 21st regt.,



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