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Convict Ship Juliana 1820

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Embarked: 160 men  
Voyage: 116 days  
Deaths: 1  
Surgeon's Journal: no  
Captain David Ogilvie  
Surgeon William Graham R.N.

The Juliana departed England on 3rd September 1820 and arrived in Hobart on 29 December 1820 with one hundred and fifty-nine male prisoners, one having died on the passage out.

The military guard consisted of a detachment of the 48th Regiment, commanded by Lieutenant Christian, of the 34th Regiment.  

The Juliana under Captain Ogilvie was intending to depart Sydney in February 1820. First Officer Edward Ogilvie. Second Officer George Worster.    

Notes & Links:  

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2). One of Australia's most famous bushrangers Matthew Brady arrived on the Juliana.......
Matthew Brady ruled with an iron hand....Truth Brisbane 2 December 1934;
Tasmanian History by J.E. Calder.... The Mercury 16 August 1873



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