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Convict Ship Marquis of Lansdown 1827

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Master: R. Noyes

The Marquis of Lansdown arrived in Hobart from Calcutta, Singapore and Batavia on 8th January 1827.

Passengers included Mr. J. and Mrs. Lord and 3 children, Mrs. Ritchie, D.A.C.G. J. Goodsir (?James Tod Goodsir) and 2 female servants.

Six prisoners came by the Marquis of Lansdown - four transported soldiers and two runaways from Sydney.

Prisoners by the Marquis of Lansdown..........

William Brown - Portsmouth
Matthew Crawford - Portsmouth
Philip Dogherty - India
James Hennessy - India
Dennis McCanon - India
John O'Brien - India

Click on the text below to read the full court-martial of Philip Dogherty......


Hunter Valley passengers and convicts on the Marquis of Lansdown



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