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Convict Ship Middlesex 1840

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Embarked: 200 men
Voyage: 203 days
Deaths: 8
Surgeon's Journal: yes
Previous vessel: Minerva arrived 26 December 1839
Next vessel: Nautilus arrived 9 February 1840
Master Charles Munro
Surgeon Superintendent John Baird
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The Guard for the Middlesex was commanded by Lieutenant Murray of the 50th regiment, Ensign Scott of 51st regiment; 1 serjeant and  27 rank and file of the 51st regiment with their wives and children. (2)

Cabin passengers included Mr. Symonds and Mr. Uniacke.

The Middlesex departed Dublin 6 July 1839.

John Baird kept a Medical Journal from 1st June 1839 to 1st February 1840. Two hundred prisoners + 1 man from Mauritius came under his care.   There were about five convicts who fell victim to dysentery. The only instance of scurvy was in that of a man who was suffering from mental illness and refused to eat fresh provisions when they were available, imagining that any change from the general diet of the convicts was from some design against his life.

There were rumours that the Middlesex had been lost at sea when her arrival in Port Jackson was delayed because of damage received in a storm near the equator.
The Sydney Herald reported the arrival.....The Middlesex arrived from Dublin on Saturday 25th January 1840, with one hundred and ninety-four convicts, under the superintendent of Dr. Baird. R.N. This vessel made the longest passage that has been made by any vessel lately, having sailed so long ago as the 6th July, six months and a half since. In consequence of the length of the voyage, the vessel was obliged to put in to Port Louis, Mauritious for provisions and water, she arrived there, November 25 and sailed December 14. In the early part of the voyage the Middlesex encountered some very heavy gales, in which she lost her fore and main topmasts, and one man was lost. During the passage, eight convicts died and one boy (an apprentice who was lost overboard during the gale; a larger number than has been the case in any convict ship within our recollection.(1)

Notes & Links:

1). Hunter Valley convicts and passengers arriving on the Middlesex in 1840

2). Convict ships bringing detachments of the 51st regiment included the Neptune, Waterloo, William Jardine, Bengal Merchant, Lord Lyndoch, Westmoreland, Clyde, Earl Grey, Portsea, Elphinstone, John Barry, Blenheim, Waverley and the Middlesex.


(1) Sydney Herald 27 January 1840

2). Asiatic Journal......



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