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Convict Ship Neptune 1838


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(Convicts and passengers from this ship only)

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Embarked: 200 men
Voyage: 128 days
Deaths: 3
Surgeon's Journal: no
Tons: 360
Previous vessel: Sir Charles Forbes arrived 25 December 1837
Next vessel: Waterloo arrived 8 February 1838
Captain Joseph Nagle
Surgeon Superintendent Patrick Martyn R.N.

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The Neptune was the next convict ship to leave Ireland for New South Wales after the departure of the Sir Charles Forbes two weeks previously. The Neptune sailed from Dublin on 27th August 1837.

This was Patrick Martyn's only voyage as surgeon superintendent on a convict ship. He was approximately 34 years of age in 1838. His medical journal does not seem to have survived.

One hundred and ninety-seven male prisoners arrived in Port Jackson on the Neptune on 2 January 1838 three having died on the passage out.

Passengers included Major Elliot, Mrs. Elliot and child, Lieut. Baker and 28 rank and file of 51st regiment, 6 women and 8 children.

Convict ships bringing detachments of the 51st regiment include the Neptune, Waterloo, William Jardine, Bengal Merchant, Lord Lyndoch, Westmoreland, Clyde, Earl Grey, Portsea, Elphinstone, John Barry and the Waverley.

Notes & Links:

1). Hunter Valley convicts / passengers arriving in the Neptune in 1838

2). An accident which had nearly been attended with fatal consequences occurred off the inner point of Mrs. Macquarie's Chair on Saturday afternoon. Mr. Mackay, of Darlinghurst, and Mr. Abercrombie, of the Glenmore Distillery, had been on board the ship Neptune, lying off Dawes' Battery, and were, at the time of the accident, returning to Mr. Mackay's residence, accompanied by Captain Nagle of the Neptune, in the ship's cutter, with four of the seamen. When off Mrs. Macquarie's Chair, at about 100 yards distance from the land, and in the act of tacking, a sudden gust of wind caught the sails and upset the cutter, and the whole of the people on board were precipitated into the water. Mr. Mackay, who is considerably advanced in years, and was at the time in a very indifferent state of health, made towards the shore, as did several of the younger and stronger of his companions. Before he could accomplish his object his strength failed him and he sank to the bottom, where he must have perished but for the prompt aid afforded him by Captain Nagle and two of the seamen who swam to his assistance and brought him safely, though senseless to shore. Mr. Abercrombie and two of the seamen saved themselves by clinging to the boat. - Sydney Gazette 16th January 1838

3). The Neptune was to depart Sydney for Valparaiso via the Bay of Islands in February 1838.......



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