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 Ocean 1816

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Embarked: 220 men
Voyage: 13 weeks
Deaths: 1
Surgeon's Journal: no
Tons: 575
Previous vessel: Mary Anne arrived 19 January 1816
Next vessel: Alexander arrived 4 April 1816
Master Alexander Johnston
Surgeon Superintendent Edward Ford Bromley

The Ocean was built in Quebec in 1800. This was the only voyage she made bringing convicts to New South Wales.  They departed England late October 181 and sailed via Rio de Janeiro.

Prisoners transported on the Ocean came from districts throughout England.  They were mostly held on the hulks until being embarked. Sixty were under the age of 21 years. Their occupations included tinmakers, sailmakers, farmers, fishermen, sawyers, shoe makers, stone cutters and grooms.

The Guard consisted of a detachment of 46th regiment., and a small party of the 56th regiment., Officers Lieutenant Nepean and Ensign Charles James Bullivant of the 46th. The Headquarters of the 46th regiment commanded by Lieut-Col George James Molle arrived on the Windham and other detachments arrived on the Lord Eldon, Fame, Recovery, Elizabeth, Larkins, Three Bees, General Hewitt, Guildford, Surry, Surry, Shipley, Sir William Bensley, Morley, Canada, Bencoolen and  Coromandel.

Another detachment of the 56th regiment arrived on the Fanny in 1816.

Rev. John Youl from the British and Foreign Bible Society came as a free passenger. Governor Macquarie wrote of him in correspondence to Under Secretary Goulburn in March 1816....

The Revd. Mr. Youl arrived in the Ocean Transport on the 30th January last in good health and greatly improved in looks and manner, since he left this country for England in the year 1813. I think Mr. Youl is a very great acquisition to the colony for we greatly want a few really pious and good men like him in this country as Divines, and I wish we had two or three more like him,. I shall be most happy on account of your recommendation of him to pay every little attention in my power to Mr. Youl, and to forward his views in any way I can. (1)  

Christian Herald and seaman's magazine

The Ocean arrived in Port Jackson on 30 January 1816 after a passage of thirteen weeks.

The convicts would have been inspected on board and a muster conducted. Indent include the Name, Date and Place of Conviction, Sentence, Native Place, Occupation, Age, Physical Description and occasional information about tickets of leave and pardons. After the convicts were landed they were assigned to various settlers or government service. John Thorn was paid 6 from the Colonial Fund for supplying six carts to convey the prisoners to their various destinations. Select here to find out more about the disembarkation of prisoners.

Forty-one prisoners have been identified residing in the Hunter Valley region in the following years. There was also a soldier of the 48th regiment, Charles Powell who arrived free on the Ocean. He was later convicted of a colonial crime and joined the rank of felons. As with convict John Dickenson he was sent to the Limeburner's gang near Newcastle...... Select here to find out more about convicts and passengers arriving on the Ocean.

The Ocean departed Port Jackson bound for Batavia in March 1816.

Notes & Links:

1). Samuel Marshall a farmer from Nottingham who was convicted at Doncaster Assizes was assigned to John Howe on arrival. He accompanied Howe on his second expedition of discovery to the Hunter River. Samuel Marshall later became innkeeper at the Shamrock Inn at Black Creek.

2). Edward Priest a locksmith/ blacksmith from Warwick was sent to Newcastle in 1817 and resided there for the rest of his life.

3). The Ocean was one of nine convicts ships arriving in New South Wales in 1816 the others being the Fanny, Mary Anne, Alexander, Guildford, Atlas, Elizabeth, Mariner and Surry.  Approximately 1,415 prisoners arrived in NSW in 1816.

4). Edward Foord Bromley gave evidence before the Select Committee in 1819.......

Read more about Dr. Edward F. Bromley's evidence before a Select Committee in 1819 regarding his treatment of the convicts on the Almorah and the Ocean here

Edward Bromley was also surgeon on the convict ships Calcutta in 1803,  Almorah
in 1817,  Lord Wellington  in 1820, Surry in 1833 and the Numa in 1834.

4). Number of prisoners, date and place of Conviction and sentences -

Parliamentary Papers, House of Commons and Command, Volume 16 By Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons - Ocean  

4).  Return of Convicts of the Ocean assigned between 1st January 1832 and 31st March 1832 (Sydney Gazette  21 June 1832; 28 June 1832; 5 July 1832).....

4).  Return of Convicts of the Ocean assigned between 1st January 1832 and 31st March 1832 (Sydney Gazette  21 June 1832; 28 June 1832; 5 July 1832).....

Robert Holton   Farmer and shepherd assigned to John Dunstan at Wilberforce
James Thomas   Sailmaker assigned to Ensign C. Miller 17 th Regiment
James Thomas   Sailmaker assigned to Roger Shear at Lower Branch
Robert Parsons   Plasterer assigned to George Rankin at Bathurst


(1) HRA, Series 1, Vol. IX, p.97  


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