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Convict Ship
Sovereign 1795

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Embarked: 1
Voyage: 165 days
Deaths: 0
Surgeon's Journal: no
Previous vessel: Surprize arrived 25 October 1794
Next vessel: Marquis Cornwallis arrived 11 February 1796
Master George Storey

The Sovereign departed England 25 May 1795 and arrived in Port Jackson on 5th November 1795, a voyage of 165 days.

One male prisoner, Joseph Gerrald arrived on the Sovereign.

Joseph Gerrald was one of the men who became known as the Scottish Martyrs. The others, Thomas Muir, Thomas Palmer, William Skirving and Maurice Margarot arrived on the Surprize which departed England on the 2nd May 1794.

Governor Hunter in correspondence to the Duke of Portland in April 1796 told of the fate of Gerrald....

When the Sovereign store ship arrived here, I found Mr. Joseph Gerrald had been sent out in that ship. He was landed here in a very declining state of health which rendered it necessary that he should reside in some quiet and retired situation. for this purpose application was made to me for permission for his purchasing a small house and garden (then to be sold) in the neighbourhood of Sydney, but so retired as suited the weakly state he was in. Permission was immediately granted for his residing in any place that might be convenient to his health. Here he saw his friends, and was visited by the surgeon, but he was soon pronounced to be in a rapid consumption, of which he died on the 16th day of March last. (HR NSW Vol 3, p. 47.)  

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