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Convict Ships Index - A

Index to Convict Ships arriving in New South Wales, Norfolk Island and Van Diemen's Land between the years 1788 and 1850

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Ships departed from Ports in England and Ireland unless otherwise stated
(P) - Ships bringing Political Prisoners
(F) Female convicts
(I) Departed from Ireland

Vessel Master Surgeon Guard
Aboukir 1852   VDL: Exiles John Cowell Benjamin Bynoe Pensioner Guard
Active 1791   NSW John Michinson   NSW Corps
Adamant 1821   NSW William Ebsworthy James Hamilton 34th regt; 48th regt
Adelaide 1849   NSW: Exiles (P) Stephen Wharton Frederick W. Le Grand 63rd;65th; 99th regt
Admiral Barrington 1791 Robert Abbon Marsh Peter Gossam NSW Corps
Admiral Gambier 1808 Edward Harrison   NSW Corps
Admiral Gambier 1811 Edward Sindrey   73rd regt.,
Adrian 1830   NSW William Sadler George Hume Weatherhead 17th regt.,
Aeolus 1809   NSW (F) Robert Addie Richard Hughes  
Agamemnon 1820   NSW Robert Surtees James Hall 48th regt.,
Agincourt 1844   NI Henry Neatby Charles Henry Fuller 58th regt.,
Albemarle 1791   NSW (F) George Bowen   NSW Corps
Albion 1823   VDL W.R. Best James Mercer 40th regt.,
Albion 1827   NSW James Ralph Dr. Walk or Walker 39th regt.,
Albion 1828   NSW James Ralph  Thomas Logan 63rd regt.,
Alexander 1788   NSW Duncan Sinclair William Balmain Marines
Alexander 1806   NSW (F) Richard Brooks    
Alexander 1816 NSW  (F) (I) William Hamilton John W. Hallion  
Almorah 1817   NSW William McKissock Edward Foord Bromley 46th regt.,
Almorah 1820  NSW (I) Thomas Winter Samuel Alexander 1st regt.,
Almorah 1824   NSW (F)  (I) George Hay Boyd Morgan Price  
America 1829   NSW Robert Donal/Dowell Alexander Stewart 63rd regt.,
Andromeda 1830   NSW (I) Robert Parkin George Fairfowl 17th regt.,
Andromeda 1833   NSW Ben Gale David Boyter 21st regt.,
Andromeda 1834    NSW (I) (F) Ben Gale Henry Kelsall  
Ann & Amelia 1825  NSW (I)  (P) William Ascough James Lawrence 40th regt.
Anne 1801   NSW (I)  (F) (P) James Stewart    
Anne 1810   NSW Charles Clarke   73rd regt.
Archduke Charles  NSW  (I) (F) J.P. Jeffreys John Pawson 73rd regt.,
Asia 1820   NSW James Morice William Bell Carlyle 30th;34; 69th regt
Asia 1822   NSW Thomas L. Reid James A. Mercer 3rd regt., (Buffs)
Asia 1824   VDL James Lindsay William Evans 40th regt.,
Asia (I) 1825    NSW (I)   Thomas F. Stead James A. Mercer 57th regt.,
Asia (III) 1825   NSW William L. Pope Thomas Davies 57th ; 3rd regt.,
Asia 1828   NSW Thomas F. Stead James McTernan 57th regt.,
Asia 1830   NSW (I) (F) Thomas F. Stead Alexander Nisbet  
Asia 1831   NSW Henry Ager George Birnie 4th regt.,
Asia 1832   NSW Thomas F. Stead Andrew Douglas Wilson  
Asia 1833   NSW Thomas F. Stead Thomas Galloway 21st regt.,
Asia 1837   NSW Benjamin Freeman John Gannon 80th; 4th regt.,
Atlantic 1791   NSW Archibald Armstrong   NSW Corps
Atlas (I) 1802    NSW (I) Richard Brooks Elphinstone Walker NSW Corps
Atlas (2)1802   NSW (I) Thomas Mugrave Thomas Davie  
Atlas 1816   NSW Walter Meriton Patrick Hill 89th regt.,
Atlas 1819   NSW Joseph Short John Duke 24th; 59th regt.,
Augusta Jessie 1840 (I)  NI J. Sparke Thomas Russell Dunn 96th regt.,
Aurora 1833   NSW Dalrymple Dowson Alexander Stewart 4th; 21st regts.,