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Convict Ship Index - E


First Name

Surname / Subject


Convict Ship Index - E

Ships departed from Ports in England and Ireland unless otherwise stated
(P) - Ships bringing Political Prisoners
(F) Female convicts
(I) Departed from Ireland

Vessel Master Surgeon
Eagle 1811 (Calcutta) NSW James Mackie
Earl Cornwallis 1801 NSW (F) James Tennant John Dight
Earl Grey 1836 NSW (I) James Talbot William Evans
Earl Grey 1838 NSW James Talbot Alexander Nisbet
Earl of Liverpool 1831 NSW (F) F. Manning David Thompson
Earl Spencer 1813 NSW William Mitchell D. McKenzie
Earl St. Vincent 1818 (I) Samuel Simpson John Johnston
Earl St. Vincent 1820 NSW Samuel Simpson Patrick Hill
Earl St. Vincent 1823 NSW (I) Peter Reeves Robert Tainsh
Eden 1836 VDL; NSW Captain Mollison Gilbert King
Eden 1840 NSW Henry Naylor George Ellery Forman
Edward 1829 NSW (I) (F) James Gilbert William Conborough Watt
Edward 1831 NSW (I) James Gilbert Thomas Bell
Eleanor 1831 NSW (P) Robert Cock John Stephenson
Eliza 1 1820 NSW Francis Hunt James Marr Bryden
Eliza 1 1822 NSW James Hunt William Rae
Eliza 2 1827 NSW (I) Daniel Leary George Shaw Rutherford
Eliza 3 1828 NSW William Douty James Patton
Eliza 2 1829 NSW (I) William Nicholas James McTernan
Eliza 2 1832 NSW (I) John S. Groves Thomas Bell
Eliza 1850 Norfolk Is. Captain Daniel John Andrews
Elizabeth 1816 NSW William Ostler Caryer Vickery
Elizabeth 1818 NSW (I) (F) William Ostler William Hamilton
Elizabeth 1820 NSW William Ostler Andrew Montgomery
Elizabeth 1828 (I) (F) Walter Cock Joseph H. Hughes
Elizabeth 1836 (F) John Auston Robert Espie
Elphinstone 1838 NSW (I) Thomas Fremlin Alick Osborne
Emma Eugenia 1838 NSW Giles Wade Robert Wylie
England 1826 NSW John Reay George Thompson
England 1835 NSW Thomas Bacon Obadiah Pineo
Exmouth 1831 NSW Daniel Warren William C. Watt
Experiment 1804 NSW (F) Francis Withers
Experiment 1809 NSW (I) (F) Joseph Dodds



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