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Convict Ships Index - L


Index to Convict Ships arriving in New South Wales, Norfolk Island and Van Diemen's Land between the years 1788 and 1850

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Ships departed from Ports in England and Ireland unless otherwise stated
(P) - Ships bringing Political Prisoners
(F) Ships bringing female convicts
(I) Ships departing from Ireland

Vessel Master Surgeon Guard
Lady Castlereagh 1818   NSW; VDL George Weltden James Craigie 34th; 46th; 48th; regt
Lady Feversham 1830   NSW Stephenson Ellerby Andrew Douglas Wilson 17th regt.,
Lady Harewood 1831   NSW Richard Stonehouse James McTernan 75th regt.,
Lady Harewood 1832   NSW Richard Stonehouse John Inches 4th regt.,
Lady Juliana 1790   NSW (F) Captain Aitkin Richard Alley  
Lady Kennaway 1835   VDL Thomas Bolton Thomas Bell 50th regt.,
Lady Kennaway 1836   NSW Robert Davidson James Wilson 80th; 50th regt.,
Lady McNaughten 1835   NSW (I) George Hustwick George Ellery Forman 28th regt.,
Lady Nugent 1835  NSW Joseph Fawcett Oliver Sproule 50th regt.,
Lady Penrhyn 1788   NSW (F) William Compton Sever John Turnpenny Altree; Arthur Bowes Smyth Marines
Lady Ridley 1821  VDL Robert Weir   48th regt.,
Lady Rowena 1826   NSW (I) (F) Bourn Russell Robert Espie  
Lady Shore 1797   Mutiny (F) James Willcocks Mr. Fyfe  
Larkins 1817   NSW Henry R. Wilkinson William McDonald 48th regt.,
Larkins 1829   NSW (I) William Campbell Oliver Sproule 63rd regt.,
Layton 1829   NSW John Hurst James Osborne  
Lloyds 1833   NSW Edward Garret John Inches 21st regt.,
Lloyds 1837   NSW Edward Garrett David Watson 80th regt.,
Lonach 1825   NSW (I) William Henry Dricoll Alick Osborne 57th regt.,
Lord Eldon 1817   NSW James Thomas Lamb James Bowman 46th regt.,
Lord Lyndoch 1833   NSW William Johnston David Watson 21st regt.,
Lord Lyndoch 1838   NSW William Stead Obadiah Pineo 21st; 50th; 51st; 80th regt.,
Lord Melville 1817   NSW (F) Thackray Wetherell Daniel McNamara  
Lord Melville 1818   VDL Thackray Wetherell John McMillan 48th; 21st regt.,
Lord Melville 1829   NSW Robert Brown George Shaw Rutherford 63rd regt.,
Lord Melville 1830   NSW Robert Brown George Roberts 17th regt.,
Lord Sidmouth 1819   NSW William Gunner Archibald Lang 84th regt.,
Lord Sidmouth 1821   NSW (I) James Muddle Thomas Christie Roylance 1st Royal Scots
Lord Sidmouth 1823   VDL; NSW (F) James Ferrier Robert Espie  
Lord Wellington 1820   NSW (I) (F) Lew Hill Edward Foord Bromley  
Louisa 1827 NSW (F) Aaron Smith Joseph Cook  
Lucy Davidson 1829   NSW (F) William Wiseman John Osborne  


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