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Convict Ships Index P

Index to Convict Ships arriving in New South Wales, Norfolk Island and Van Diemen's Land between the years 1788 and 1850

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Ships departed from Ports in England and Ireland unless otherwise stated
(P) - Ships bringing Political Prisoners
(F) Female convicts
(I) Departed from Ireland


Vessel Master Surgeon Guard
Palambam 1831   NSW (I) (F) George Willis James Osborne  
Parkfield 1839   NSW J.T. Whiteside Alexander Neill 31st regt.,
Parmelia 1832   NSW James Gilbert Richard Allen 4th regt.,
Parmelia 1834   NSW (I) James Gilbert Anthony Donoghue 50th regt.,
Patriot 1838 (Madras)   NSW T.H. Mullens    
Pekoe 1840   NSW Sampson Kean Robert Bower 96th regt.,
Perseus 1802   NSW John Davison W.S. Fielding  
Pestonjee Bomanjee 1847   VDL John Austin Colin Arrot Browning  
Pestonjee Bomanjee 1852 (VDL)   Daniel Ritchie  
Phoenix 1822   VDL Thomas Weatherhead Evan Evans  
Phoenix 1826   NSW (I) Alexander Anderson Joseph Cook 39th regt.,
Phoenix 1828   NSW Thomas Cuzens William Bell Carlyle 39th regt.,
Pilot 1817   NSW (I) William Pexton Charles Queade 46th; 48th regt.,
Pitt 1792   NSW (F) Edward Manning Mr. Jameson NSW Corps
Planter 1832   NSW R.L. Frazer Alick Osborne 4th regt.,
Planter 1839   NSW (F) F.B. Manning Thomas Robertson  
Porpoise 1800   J. Willson  
Portland 1832   NSW William Ascough Joseph Cook 4th; 39th regt.,
Portland 1833   NSW (I) William Ascough Charles Inches 21st regt.,
Portsea 1838   NSW Samuel John Lowe Thomas Bell 28th; 50th; 51st; 80th regt.,
Prince George 1837   NSW Adolphus Holton Thomas Bell 80th regt.,
Prince of Orange 1821   NSW Thomas Silk George Shaw Rutherford 34th regt.,
Prince of Wales 1788   NSW John Mason   Marines
Prince Regent 1820   NSW William Anderson James Hunter 48th regt.,
Prince Regent (II) 1821   NSW (I) Francis Clifford Alexander Taylor 1st Royal Scots
Prince Regent 1824   NSW (I) (P) Alexander Wales Thomas B. Wilson 40th regt.,
Prince Regent 1827   NSW William Richards William Rae 57th regt.,
Princess Charlotte 1827   NSW (F) Daniel Stephenson Charles Cameron  
Princess Royal 1823   NSW Henry Sherwood James Hunter 3rd regt.,
Princess Royal 1829   NSW (F) Henry Sherwood Andrew Douglas Wilson  
Princess Victoria 1834 (Calcutta)   NSW James F. Bissett    
Providence 1811   NSW (I) (F) Alexander Barclay Richard Hughes  
Providence 1822   NSW (F) James Herd David Reid  
Providence 1826   VDL John Wauchope Matthew Burnside  
Pyramus 1832   NSW (F) Alexander Wilson James Rutherford  
Pyramus 1836   NSW (I) (F) Nathaniel Livesay Obadiah Pineo  
Queen 1791   NSW (I) (F) (P) NSW Corps Richard Owen   NSW Corps