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George May Lee
West Maitland

George May Lee was born in Bristol, Somersetshire. He trained in Glasgow.

In 1842 he was fortunately on hand in West Maitland when the child of a labouring man fell into a tank behind the Steam Mills while gathering pumpkin flowers. The dangerous reservoir was eight feet deep and often contained water up to 120 Fahrenheit, although on this occasion it was not so high. Cries of 'a child in the water' brought prompt assistance by Dr. Lee and others and the child was saved and returned to its parents. At this time (1842) he was probably in partnership with Frederick Beardmore in High Street West Maitland.

His wife Helen gave birth to a daughter Helen Susannah in August 1843 in Maitland.

In 1844 it was recorded that Dr. Lee occupied premises in High Street West Maitland between the Stores of Messrs. L. Potts and Co., and Owen and Co.. The premises were later occupied by saddler George Randell

George May Lee died on 21st May 1870 age 58 years at his residence at Lochinvar.

His daughter Emily Maria married George, the second son of Beresford Hudson of Newcastle at Lochinvar on 13 August 1879 (Maitland Mercury 4 October 1879)

George Lee's widow Helen Lee died at Castlereagh Street Redfern in August 1899



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