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Hunter Valley Settlers Map 3


First Name

Surname / Subject


Hunter Valley Settlers Map 3

Ferdinand Anley

Alexander MacDuff Baxter

Charles Boydell

Crawford Logan Brown

Matthew Chapman

James Dowling

Francis Gibbes

Henry Gooch

Grayson Hartley

John Hooke

Henry John Lindeman

John Lord

Duncan Forbes Mackay

John McIntyre

John Mann

Lawrence Myles

Alexander Park

Joseph Rookin

Major Smeathman

Benjamin Sullivan

George Townshend

John Verge

Charles Windeyer

Notes and Links

1. Plan showing settlers at Paterson - National Library of Australia Digital Maps

2. Detail of Plan of Part of the area between Paterson, Hunter and Williams River - National Library of Australia Digital Maps

3. Rambles in New South Wales

4. An Historical and Statistical Account of New South Wales - John Dunmore Lang

Ferdinand Anley Matthew Chapman John Hooke John Mann Benjamin Sullivan Alexander McDuff Baxter James Dowling John Lord Alexander Park Charles Boydell Francis Gibbes John McIntyre Joseph Rookin John Verge Crawford Brown Grayson Hartley Duncan Mackay Major Smeathman Charles Windeyer Henry John Lindeman George Townshend Lawrence Myles Early Hunter Valley Settler Map 3


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