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Settlers on Map 3

Ferdinand Anley   
Alexander MacDuff Baxter   
Charles Boydell   
Crawford Logan Brown   
Matthew Chapman   
James Dowling   
Francis Gibbes
Duncan Forbes Mackay
Henry Gooch 
Grayson Hartley   
John Hooke   
Henry John Lindeman
John Lord   
John McIntyre
John Mann
Lawrence Myles 
Alexander Park   
Joseph Rookin   
Major Smeathman   
Benjamin Sullivan   
George Townshend   
John Verge   
Charles Windeyer  

Old Times Road Notes - from Tegg's Pocket Almanac 1842

Road from Wallarobba to the Upper William and Chichester Rivers......

147. On the right leave the road from Wollombi to Port Stephens and the Manning

150. Pass the north west corner of Mr. Chapman's farm

150˝. Cross Wallarobba Creek and follow its course through the grants of the late A.M. Baxter Esq., and Mr. Verge.

153. The Village reserve of Wallaroo on the right is a track to Clarence Town crossing about three miles off the road from the Wollombi to Port Stephens at 152 miles from Sydney

154. Enter Hook's grant; on the west is Tabbit Hill.

156. Cross Tabbit Creek; higher up this creek are the grants of Mr Ferdinand Anley, and Mr. Grayson Hartley; to the east is Wilhurghully Hill.

157. Melbee the grant of Mr. D.F. Mackay

158. On the right, village reserve of Wihurghully; here the Myall Creek joins the William, the road following the course of the Myall along its western bank.

159. Cross Dorigo and Montyac, two small streams running into the Myall through Mr. C.L. Brown's grant.

159˝. On the right, Dungog a high hill, part of the range, dividing the waters of the William and Myall.

161˝. Cross the Myall, under another high hill called Puntelva situated in Mr. Thompson's grant.

162˝. Hut

163˝.Grant of Charles Windeyer Esq., J.P., called Tillegrah; about a mile on the left is Codagot Hill.

164. Cross the Williams River to Canningalla, Sir James Dowling's Farm. About a mile on the right is the confluence of the William and Chichester Rivers. Lower down the William on the north bank are the farms of Mr. W. Foster, and Mr. Lawrence Miles. From Tillegrah there is a track to the south west, following upwards the course of the Myall to the right of Mount Narroul and crossing the range by Mount Windeyer to Park's grant on the Allyn River. The course of the William and Chichester is from the west, their sources being in the Mount Royal Hills; they run parallel to each other like the Paterson and Allyn, and about two miles apart. Between these rivers are the grants of Rookin and the Messrs Mosman, and on the south banks of the William are the grants of Mr. Mann called Munni; Messrs McLean and McKenzie, called Tanumbuc and Messrs Scott and Adair.

Henry John Lindeman - Cawarra

Notes & Links:
1). Peter Miller Cunningham described the Williams River area in Two Years in New South Wales comprising sketches of the actual state of society in that colony, of its peculiar advantages to emigrants, of its topography, natural history published in 1828.........  

2). The principal characteristics of this district from Clarence town upwards are open forest land, affording excellent sheep pasture, and on the banks of the rivers small flats of alluvial soil and strips of vine brush in which are found cedar and other valuable timbers; the track between the William and Chichester is said to be the finest bit of sheep country in the whole colony. Immediately over the range at the head of these rivers some plains are visible; there also, the waters of the Manning take their rise. The country extending from the William northwards towards the Manning for thirty or forty miles is entirely unlocated, being very difficult of access and much broken by scrubby ranges, separating the many small streams that flow to the Manning and to the Gloucester River, which is the principal branch of the Manning...Maitland Mercury 15 October 1887

3).  A geographical dictionary; or Gazetteer of the Australian colonies:  By William Henry Wells 1848

4).  History in the Williams River Valley web site - ongoing work of historical investigation

5).  From A9020 (xiii) Album of Dungog Postcards by George Kelly Photographer Dungog (c1905-1915), with correspondence on verso of postcards from Edie Kelly (Dungog) – daughter of the photographer George Kelly to Miss Gertie Alder (Hamilton) 1908-1914.....Cultural Collections, University of Newcastle. (Click on the photograph below to find more photographs from this collection).

“Wansy’s” property and barn with cows and horses approx. 4 miles from Dungog township. [1913]



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