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Mrs. Elizabeth Muir was proprietor of 'Muir's Family Hotel' in Maitland. She was the widow of George Muir who had died in Maitland on Christmas day 1833 after a severe illness.(5)

George and Elizabeth (nee Cantwell) arrived on the Jupiter in 1823. George served as chief constable and postmaster in Newcastle before moving to the Maitland area.

The couple had six children.

In 1835 Elizabeth Muir, second daughter of George and Elizabeth Muir, married William Eckford at Muir's Family Hotel.(1) In 1835 their eldest daughter Mary Ann (wife of George Furber) passed away age 24. Another daughter Priscilla married Dr. Henry Turner Harrington and moved to Philadelphia where she died on 24th November 1848.

Elizabeth Muir retained the license for the Family Hotel for some years after the death of George Muir. Mr. Justice Dickinson often stayed at Mrs. Muir's Hotel while holding circuit court in Maitland. (2)

In December 1846 Mrs. Muir announced that she had relinquished the license for the Family Hotel and had arranged her 'large and commodious' house for a private boarding establishment for families and gentlemen.  The house was said to be delightfully situated, commanding a fine view of a large tract of country and in the immediate vicinity of the court house. With the spacious and roomy accommodation Mrs. Muir was hoping to attract the patronage of the 'Gentlemen of the Bar' as well as jurors and witnesses.

The license was transferred to Henry Eckford in November 1846,(3) he then moved the license from the Family Hotel to his own premises in Morpeth Road, the Wool Team Inn(4)


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