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Information about the voyages of approximately 550 convict ships and the Surgeons who accompanied them can be accessed via the Convict Ships Index and Convict Ship Surgeons Index.

Links to information about Hunter Valley Free Settlers and Land Owners can be found in the Hunter Valley Settler Index

Account of the Voyage of the Buffalo returning to England with former Governor John Hunter in 1800. Also on board the Buffalo was a platypus, a waratah and stones from the Coal River (Hunter River).

Adamstown - A brief history - School principals 1877 - 1974

A Description of Newcastle Aboriginal people by traveller W.B. Cramp written in 1818

A List of Newcastle residents in 1841 - Population Census of the streets of Newcastle

A New Song - Botany Bay Published in 1786

A Visit to my daughter - Dr. Thomas Parmeter set out on a journey to visit his daughter Maria (Mrs. Squire). He submitted accounts of his adventures to the Sydney Gazette outlining his travels to various parts of the Hunter Valley. The letters contain several references to other Hunter Valley settlers and events of the day.

A Vocabularly of the Flash Language compiled by James Hardy Vaux - A forerunner of today's Australian Slang
Allan Cunningham - Botanist & Explorer - born on 13 July 1791 at Wimbledon, Surrey, England

Apothecaries in Maitland in the 1840's - William Lipscomb, Charles Vavasour Earle, William Mutlow and William Townley Pinhey

Arthur Phillip - First Governor of New South Wales

Australian Agricultural Company - Established as a land development company with the assistance of the British Parliament's Crown Grant of 1,000,000 acres in 1824

Australian Agricultural Company Coal Miners at Newcastle 1831 - 1845

Australian Slang

A Visit to my daughter & a Trip to the last days races - Dr. Thomas Parmeter 1835 of de Quirosville

Bells - Our ancestor's lives were ruled by Bells

Beyond the Sea Brian Ahearn, descendant of convict Murtagh Ahern, is author of ‘Beyond the Sea’ the life and times of Murtagh Ahern and the log of the convict ship ‘Atlas’ -Selected extracts from Journey into Hell Chapter 11 of 'Beyond the Sea'

Bold Jack Donohue - Australia's famous Bushranger

Botany Bay Hero - Michael Kean's experiences as a convict

Bushranger Index

Captain Patrick Logan's Journal - Captain Logan was Commandant at Moreton Bay in 1826

Charles Picknell's on board diary on the convict ship Kains in 1831

Captain James Wallis - Commandant at Newcastle 1816 - 1818

Coal Miners in Newcastle 1858 - Transactions of the North of England Institute of Mining Engineers Vol VI, 1858 ,'On the Coalfield of New South Wales' by Henry T. Plews

Colonial Appointments

Colonial Events 1788

Colonial Military Officers who served or settled in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley

Conditions on Convict Ships - Illness, Death, Punishment, Weather etc

Convict Assignment and Punishment at Newcastle - Government Orders 1813

Convict History

Convict Ship Canton in 1840 - Extract from Notes of an Exile to Van Dieman’s Land etc., by Linus Wilson Miller

Convict Ship Buffalo bringing French-Canadian Patriots to New South Wales in 1840

Convict Ship Journal - written on the voyage to Australia of the convict ship York to Western Australia in 1862

Convict Ships by Year 1788 - 1852

Convicts Ships to New South Wales 1835

Convict Ship Captains

Convict Ship Surgeon Superintendents

Surgeons and Medicos sent as Convicts

Convicts at Port Stephens 1795

Cottage Creek - Bridge, Cemetery, Cottage (Newcastle)

County Electors - Newcastle 1855

Crossing the Liverpool Ranges in 1850 - John Henderson of Her Majesty's Ceylon Rifle Regiment embarked on a journey from Sydney to the Hunter River at the height of summer late in the 1840's. In his publication Excursions and Adventures in New South Wales With Pictures of Squatting and of Life in the Bush he described the voyage to Morpeth and his subsequent journey to the Liverpool Plains.

Discovery of Lake Macquarie in 1800 - known as Reid's Mistake

Early Convict Coal Miners - Newcastle - 1801

Early Days in Port Stephens

Early Harbour Masters - Newcastle

Edmund Lockyer's Expedition to Brisbane River 1825

Edward Denny Day - Police Magistrate at Maitland

Ellen Bundock's Memoirs - Sydney - Newcastle - Merton

Eraring History - Lake Macquarie

Executions in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley

Expedition to the Hunter River - Lady Nelson 1801

Extracts from the Recollections of Rev. Richard George Boodle - Rev. Richard George Boodle came to Australia on the Medway in 1848 with the newly consecrated Anglican Bishop of Newcastle William Tyrrell. On arrival Rev. Boodle was appointed to work in the Muswellbrook district which extended 3000 square miles out past Cassilis. He described the journey overland to Muswellbrook in 1848 and his first impressions of the town.

Extracts from various Female Convict Ship pages relating to female convicts before, during and after transportation

Female Convicts - Links to Convict Ships transporting female prisoners to NSW

Female Factory at Parramatta

Female Factory at Newcastle - Attached to Newcastle Gaol

First Fleet 1788 - Vessels of the First Fleet - Charlotte, Friendship, Prince of Wales

Follow the Female Convict Ship Trail - Beginning with the Charlotte in 1788

Follow the Irish Convict Ship Trail - The Queen was the first convict ship bringing convicts to NSW

Frank the Poet - Francis Macnamara arrived on the Convict Ship Eliza in 1832

Friedrich Gerstäcker - Traveller

George Fairfowl - Surgeon Superintendent Convict Ships

George Wyndham's Diary - Transcription of the first two years of the diary of settler George Wyndham

Governor Macquarie's Tour of Newcastle Settlement in 1812

Government Orders at Newcastle - Assignment and Punishment 1813

Harbour Lights - A brief account of the leading lights built at Newcastle in 1865

History News Feeds

Hunter River Expedition 1801 - The expedition to Hunter River included Lieut-Colonel Paterson, Lieut. James Grant, J. Murray, R.N., Ensign Barralier, George Cayley and Dr. John Harris. After the Francis returned to Sydney with a small cargo of coal, artist John William Lewin joined the expedition

Hunter Valley Medical Practitioners

Hunter Valley Place Names

Hunter River Steamers

Huntington's History of Newcastle

Indigenous Notes and Links

Indigenous Names & Events

Inns & Hotels Index

Islands in the lower Hunter River included Moscheto Island, Dempsey Island, Spit Island, Spectacle Island, Bullock Island and Ash Island

James Hardy Vaux at Newcastle - 1811 - Author of Australia's first dictionary

James Henry Crummer - Police Magistrate at Newcastle

James St. John Ranclaud

John Bingle's Excursion to Lake Macquarie in 1822

John Standfield - Tolpuddle Martyr

Joseph Lycett - Convict Artist sent to Newcastle in 1815

Journal of Rev. Christopher Eipper - Missionary at Moreton Bay & Presbyterian Minister at Paterson NSW

Journal of a Voyage to Newcastle & Hunter River by David Burn October 1844

Journey to the Hunter River in 1829 - An account of a voyage from Sydney to the Hunter River by a correspondence to the Australian in 1829

Journey to the Hunter River in 1831 - A voyage to the Hunter River by steamer.

Lake Macquarie History

Latest Australian History and Genealogy News

Launch of the Francis - 1793

Law & Order - Police Force in the Hunter Valley prior to 1862

Lieut. King's description of Norfolk Island in 1788

Lieutenant Purcell and Coal River (Newcastle)

Lime Burners Gang at Newcastle 1810 - 1820

Maitland History

Maitland Gaol - Foundation stone laid in 1844

Maitland Hospital - Foundation stone laid in 1846

Mary and William Bryant - Escape from the colony in 1791

Men of the Time is part 1 of the Australian Dictionary of Dates and Men of the Time. It is a listing of biographies of men of note with connections to Australia, providing details such as full name, date and place of birth and history of their occupations. Index to Men of the Time

Military Barracks at Newcastle

Moreton Bay 1824

Morpeth Links

Murder at Newcastle 1808

Murrurundi History Links

Muswellbrook History Links

Newcastle History

Newcastle Gaol

Newcastle in 1822

Norah Head

Patrick Bruin - Bushranger near Maitland in 1843

Patrick Cody arrived with his convict mother Ellen Cody on the convict ship Canada in 1817. He became a pioneer of Gippsland and died a very wealthy man. Read his story written by researcher Sue Kennedy HERE

Phillip Gidley King - Third Governor of New South Wales


Placenames in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and Hunter Valley

Political Prisoners to NSW

Prison Hulk Report 1838

Probable Usefulness - An account of the Connor Family from Ireland to Australia by Sister Rita King

Provost-Marshall William Gore - Sent to Newcastle Penal Settlement in 1808

Publicans in Newcastle 1828

Raymond Terrace Links

Recollections of Rev. Boodle - Muswellbrook

Reminiscences of Maitland

Reminiscences of Colin Christie of Newcastle in the 1850s

Reminiscences of George Priest of Newcastle in 1840s and 1850s

Reminiscences of Watt Street, Newcastle

Reminiscences of Albert Hudson and Robert Fleming of Newcastle in 1850s

Reminiscences of Hugh Gilmour of Newcastle

Reminiscences of Benjamin Joseph Oliver - Newcastle in 1870s and 1880s

Reminiscences of Aboriginal tribes near Paterson

Report of the Commissioner of the Inquiry on the State of the Colony of New South Wales {Extracts Relating to Transportation, Disembarkation & Servitude}

Return of Land Settlement 1792

Rev Edward Griffith - Two Chapters from 'Memorials of Rev. Edward Griffith' written by his daughter Mary

Rev. Lancelot Thelkeld - Missionary at Lake Macquarie

Rev. Charles Pleydell Neale Wilton - Newcastle - Timeline and Notes

Robert Dawson's Travels North from Port Stephens in 1826  -  Robert Dawson was the first Agent for the Australian Agricultural Company. Read extracts from his 'Present State of Australia' in which he describes the country side north of Port Stephens and gives an account of the natives who accompanied him on his journeys north in 1826.

Robert Dixon - - Surveyor

Robert Espie - Surgeon-Superintendent on Convict Ships

Robert Lorn Pattison

Roger Farrell's Correspondence from Newcastle 1810

Samuel Gatward - Get caught stealing and see the world!- Select here to read about Samuel Gatward written by descendant Terry Gatward. Samuel Gatward was born at Luton Bedfordshire in 1800. He was transported twice - the first time to Bermuda and the second to New South Wales on the Maitland. He was last heard of in the Cassilis district (Contact descendant Terry Gatward)

Sarah Morris - from mother to convict to publican- By descendant Janelle Collins. Sarah Morris arrived on the Princess Charlotte in 1827

Scourgers - New South Wales

Sea Bathing at Newcastle

Sea Grave Yard & Early Harbour Masters at Newcastle

Securing Family Memories - A list of ideas for securing family memories for the next generation

Settler and Immigrant Ships 1821 - 1842

Signal Staff at Newcastle 1858

Sir Henry Browne Hayes at Newcastle in 1808

Sir Thomas Livingstone Mitchell's Expedition in November 1831

Surgery & use of Ether in Port Stephens - 1840's

Tamworth History Links

The Blind Traveller  Lieutenant James Holman, known as 'the Blind Traveller' visited the Hunter region in 1831. James Holman a Naval Lieutenant on half pay, had lost his sight many years previously and had since travelled extensively throughout the world. He wrote of his visit to New South Wales in Travels in China, New Zealand, New South Wales, Van Diemen's Land, Cape Horn

Third Fleet 1791

United States Exploring Expedition to Lake Macquarie in 1839

Walter Preston - Convict Engraver

William Grant Broughton's & ship board diary on the convict ship John in 1829

William Harrison Craig - Convict Artist


Historical Records of New South Wales Volume 1 Part 1 Cook 1762 - 1780
Historical Records of New South Wales Volume 1 Part 2 Philip 1783 - 1792
Historical Records of New South Wales Volume III Hunter 1796 - 1799
Historical Records of New South Wales Volume IV Hunter and King 1800 - 1801 - 1802
Historical Records of New South Wales Volume VI King and Bligh 1806 - 1807 - 1808
Historical Records of New South Wales Volume VII Bligh and Macquarie 1809 - 1810 -  1811
Historical Records of Australia, Series 1, Volume 1, 1788 - 1796
Historical Records of Australia, Series 1, Volume II, 1797 - 1800
Historical Records of Australia, Series 1, Volume III, 1801- 1802
Historical Records of Australia, Series 1, Volume IV, 1803- June 1804
Historical Records of Australia, Series 1, Volume V, July 1804 - August 1806
Historical Records of Australia, Series 1, Volume VI, August 1806 - December 1808
Historical Records of Australia, Series 1, Volume VII, January 1809 - June 1813
Historical Records of Australia, Series 1, Volume VIII, July 1813 - December 1815
Historical Records of Australia, Series 1, Volume IX, January 1816 - December 1818
Historical Records of Australia, Series 1, Volume X, January 1819 - December 1822
Historical Records of Australia, Series 1, Volume XI, January 1823 - November 1825
Historical Records of Australia, Series 1, Volume XII, June 1825 - December 1826
Historical Records of Australia, Series 1, Volume XIII, January 1827 - February 1828
Historical Records of Australia, Series 1, Volume XIV, March 1828 - May 1829
Historical Records of Australia, Series 1, Volume XV, June 1829 - December 1830
Historical Records of Australia, Series 1, Volume XVI, 1831 - 1832
Historical Records of Australia, Series 1, Volume XVII, 1833 - June, 1835
Historical Records of Australia, Series 1, Volume XVIII, July 1835 - June 1837
Historical Records of Australia, Series 1, Volume XIX, July 1837 - January 1839