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Isaac Scott Nind was attached to the 39th Dorsetshire Regiment as surgeon and probably arrived in Sydney with detachments of the regiment in 1826.

He joined the expedition to King George Sound arriving there on the Amity on 25th December 1826.

Major Edmund Lockyer was commander of the expedition and on board the Amity as well as Isaac Scott Nind were other members of the 39th Regiment and twenty four convicts.

Isaac Scott Nind was a skilled artist and produced some works while at King George Sound however his years there were difficult.  Select Design and Art Australia Online to read of Isaac Scott Nind's distressing years at King George Sound

Despite his difficulties, Isaac Scott Nind had a keen interest in the natives of the district and produced a Paper that was later published in the Royal Geographical Society - Description of the Natives of King George's Sound (Swan River Colony) and Adjoining Country


When he returned to New South Wales in 1833 Isaac Scott Nind settled at Paterson. In 1834 he was witness at the trial of Jackey Jackey who was accused of the murder of John Flynn at the Williams River. Dr. Nind examined the body of John Flynn at the Settler's Arms, Paterson. (1)

In 1837 he was appointed Commissioner of Crown Lands (2)

He opened a chemist store in Paterson in 1846. He was witness at a Coroner's inquest into the death of Paterson Jackey in 1850 (3) and again in 1855 at the inquest into the death of George Lord of Paterson (4)

He sailed to London in March 1856 (5) and returned to the colony in December 1857 (6)

In 1859 it was reported that the Paterson Academy was established in the house that had formerly been the residence of Dr. Nind at Paterson River.

In 1861 a notice was placed in the Maitland Mercury by Thomas Cadell, Agent for the proprietor, Dr. Nind of Liverpool: Woodlawn Estate, To let 316 acres of land, partly fenced, known as a portion of the Farley Estate. Parties cautioned against cutting or removing timber from the estate. Michael Barrington of Farley had charge of the estate.

In August 1863 the following advertisement was printed in the Sydney Morning Herald - A very Superior cottage residence in the town of Liverpool at the corner of Moore and Northumberland streets a short distance from the old Ship Inn was advertised for sale by the Executors of the estate of the late Mrs. Hill - The handsome and commodious verandah cottage occupied by Dr. Nind, being one of the most substantial comfortable and modern style of cottages in the town of Liverpool. There was a good hall opening form the verandah and leading to the dining room. On the right hand were the principal bedroom and nursery and on the left hand side the drawing room and a second bedroom. On the west side with a separate entrance from the verandah were two rooms intended for bedrooms but used by Dr. Nind as a reception room for patients and a surgery. The kitchen was detached with the servants rooms adjoining it. (7)

Isaac Scott Nind died in 1868. The Maitland Mercury reported his death: - Paterson - Many old residents of our district will regret to learn the death of Dr. Isaac Scott Nind, which event took place at his late residence at Liverpool. During the past week he had reached is seventy first year, and he leaves behind him a widow and five daughters to mourn their loss. Dr. Nind was a resident of this town for upwards of thirty years, where he practised his profession, during which time he was very highly esteemed by all classes of our community. (8)


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