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James Arndell
Woodlands - Map 6
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James Arndell was born at Caddai in 1802. He was the second son Thomas Arndell senior who arrived as assistant surgeon on the First Fleet in 1788.  He was a brother of Thomas Arndell.  

When he was about sixteen years of age and residing at Cattai he petitioned government in a Memorial dated 28 June 1820 for a grant of land, being desirous of settling and with intentions of improving and cultivating the land. (1) He was granted 100 acres Durham County, Parish of Althorp, by Governor Macquarie on 31st March 1821, quit rent commencing 1st January 1827 at 2s per annum (2)

He was granted 960 acres by Governor Sir Ralph Darling on 17 October 1828 at Hunter County, Yooroa, parish unnamed. (2) Woodlands was the name given to the 100 acre grant which was situated on a point of land by the river, south of the western part of Wollun Hills and can be seen in the centre of the map below. (3)

Until 1829 James Arndell lived at Lake Macquarie where his sister Sarah lived with her husband Rev. Lancelot Threlkeld. James moved to Woodlands in 1829 and also took up his other grant of 960 acres on the Goulburn river near the junction of the Hunter which had been promised in October 1828. (3)

James Arndell married Mary Elizabeth Pike of Pickering on 25 July 1833 at Woodlands. (4) He died at Burwood in May 1868 aged 66 years.  



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