Free Settler or Felon?

Convict Punishment

From the Memoirs of Joseph Holt


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In August/ September 1800 an Irish Conspiracy was uncovered. The plan was to overturn the government by putting Governor King to Death and confining Governor Hunter. The rebels were to meet at and take Parramatta and then before day light take the Barracks at Sydney. And afterwards to live on the Farms of the Settlers until they heard from France where they had intended to dispatch a ship. The rebels were well armed with pikes and were to be joined by soldiers who it was planned would take the guns to South Head and other places of security. When the plan was revealed, Governor Hunter Ordered an enquiry into the Irish conspiracy.

The Conspiracy was quashed....see (c
orrespondence from Port Jackson to England in October 1800) and perpetrators were severely punished.

Joseph Holt wrote of the punishment of two of the men - Maurice Fitzgerald and Paddy Galvin, in his Memoirs.


.....The Memoirs of Joseph Holt: General of the Irish Rebels, in 1798 By Joseph Holt, Thomas Crofton Croker

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