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1). Apothecaries working in Maitland in the 1840's

William Lipscomb
Charles Vavasour Earle 
William Mutlow

William Townley Pinhey

2). A Trip to Maitland in 1826

3).  Bushranger Index 

4).  Colonial Events

5).  Colonial History 

6).  Colonial Military Officers

7).  Convict History

8).  Edward Denny Day - Police Magistrate

9).  Hannan House

10).  History News Feeds

Hunter Valley History

Hunter Valley Place Names

13).  Hunter Valley Settlers Index

14).  Hunter Valley Settlers - Map 2  

Hunter Valley Steamers 

16).  Inns & Hotels in Maitland

17).  Maitland Gaol

18).  Maitland Hospital

19).  Medical Practitioners 1830s & 40s.....

20).  Map Links

21).  Molly Morgan - Convict & Innkeeper

22).  Morpeth History Links

23).  Police Force in Maitland

24).  Probable Usefulnessby Sister Rita King   Page 2  Page 3  Page 4 

25).  Reminiscences of Maitland

26).  Rev Edward Griffith

27).   Robert Lorn Pattison

28).  Sarah Morris - from mother to convict to publican  - By descendant Janelle Collins

Residents in Maitland 1840's....
Bailey, Samuel
Beckett, Isaac
Blain, Rev. Robert
Capper, E.P.
Clift, Samuel
Cohen, Samuel
Cox, James
Cridland Charles
Dee, Thomas
Dodd, Alexander
Crummer, Major Henry
Eales, John
Eckford, William
Garven, Rev. John Hill
Ikin, Henry - Cabinet maker 
Keddie, Robert
KingKing William Francis
Kingsmill, John
Levien, Alfred
Levy, Lewis W.
Lonsdale, George
McLelland, Thomas
Nicholson, William
Pilcher, Henry I
Portus, John
Potts, Lawrence
Reeves, Henry
Rourke, Henry - Tanner
Rusden, Rev. George Keylock
Smith, Samuel - Coach Driver
Stack, Rev. William
Stilsby, James - Coach driver
Turner, John
Whittaker, Charles
Wilkinson, Alexander
Yeomans, George


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